October 8, 2013

Videos coming soon -- what do you want to see? Plus, update on blog sale, upcoming giveaway, and other randomness

Hello, Beautiful!

I'm almost completely over this 2+ week sickness. I plan to film a bunch of videos in the near future and would love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see. I already have a notebook where I've been writing down ideas on what I want to film, but please leave in the comments what you'd like to see!

Here are 10 videos I have planned...

  • Updated makeup collection & storage/organization
  • Updated nail polish collection & storage/organization
  • Products NOT worth the hype/Products I will NOT repurchase
  • High End Products I LOVE & would repurchase
  • My favorite drugstore products
  • Best full coverage foundations
  • Best & Worst (this will be a series where I talk about a specific product and talk about the best and worst - such as best & worst lip scrubs, best & worst mascaras, etc.)
  • One Brand Review (this will be a series where I talk about a specific brand and point out my favorite items and not so favorites from the brand)
  • Skincare collection & storage/organization
  • Makeup brush collection & storage/organization

I have more ideas written down, but I really would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave a comment below and let me know what you want to see in a video!

Some other updates....

Blog Sale: 
I've shipped out orders to everyone who has paid so far. If you haven't paid I'll be in touch soon to see if you're still interested. If I haven't replied to you I will reply to you soon - I've just been waiting to hear back from some people before I move on just because of how many items are currently pending.

I do have more items to add to the blog sale, but I don't know when I'll even have time to get them up for sale. I'll probably wait until November or even the new year to post more items, as I know I'll want to purge more of my collection (I get in those moods) and would rather do one big updated blog sale then add a few items here and there.

Upcoming Giveaway: 
I plan to launch the giveaway this week - I just haven't had a chance to photograph everything yet as I've been busy the past several days. It will be open to everyone - USA & international! Can't wait to get that going!

I will have some other smaller giveaways coming up too - including a holiday giveaway where I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to do some kind of "25 days of christmas" or "12 days of christmas" giveaway where I can give away a prize each day during that countdown. Don't know if I can make it happen to everyone - as international shipping can be outrageously expensive to ship just a lipstick - so I may have to limit it to USA only.

Other Randomness:
I've been really getting into Instagram, so if you don't already please go there and follow me! I use Facebook too. Honestly, hardly use Twitter. But Instagram is where I've been mostly and I'd love to see you there. I've been posting hauls, some makeup looks, nail looks, and other things related to my life (tattoos, my pets, my kid, and other randomness).

I have two more sittings and my right arm sleeve (tattoo) will be complete! I know some of you like to hear about my tattoos so I thought I'd throw that out there. I'll be making another video once it's fully finished & healed, as well as a blog post telling you all about every tattoo I have, the pain level, healing, experience, etc.

That's about all I have to say for now.... it's almost 5am at this very moment and I have yet to sleep because now my son has been sick with a very high fever and just over all feeling yucky, and I've been helping out a friend a lot and I'm just exhausted from everything lately. Will be doing more blog work tomorrow (well, today technically) after I get a few hours of sleep. I'll be turning my phone off and just getting to work on processing these photos and writing these blog posts. Goodnight, beautiful!


  1. I think a video a lot of people would like to see will be your photography set-up and what you use in terms of lighting, camera, and editing software! I would also love to see some fun videos too - things like the three minute make-up challenge, "boyfriend" does your make-up (can be anyone really but it's always hilarious when it's a clueless male lol!), paint your nails in the dark... silly things like this would be an awesome way to get to know you a bit better :)

  2. All of your video ideas sound awesome! I'm always interested in full coverage foundations!


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