October 18, 2013

Butter London WINK Colour Mascara in Inky Six - pics, swatches, before & after, review

Hello, Beautiful!

Color mascara - especially blue - has always been a weakness for me, even though I rarely use it. For some reason I just need it. Years ago I believe some of the only colored mascaras I ever had were from Maybelline - and I actually just picked up one of the new Maybelline colored mascaras (also in blue). In this post I have a blue mascara from Butter London - their WINK Colour Mascara in shade Inky Six. Check out my full review, including all the product info, after the pics!

Butter London WINK Colour Mascara
Shade: Inky Six

Butter London WINK Colour Mascara Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $20.00 (0.32 fl oz full size). Available on the Butter London website and Ulta.
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

A highly pigmented, long-lasting mascara. Gives eyes the perfect application from roots to tip, adding drama to any makeup look. Versatile formula proven safe for use on hair and eye brows.

Available in four vibrant colorful shades - Inky Six (blue), Indigo Punk (purple), Jaded Jack (green), Pistol Pink (pink) - plus two "normal" shades (black or brown).

I really LOVED the color of this blue mascara -- it was very pigmented and really stood out, especially in photos! In photos it comes off as very vibrant but in person it's a bit more deeper/darker in tone yet you can still tell you have blue lashes for sure!

I honestly preferred to apply this by itself, over bare lashes. The formula itself did some lengthening to my lashes so it wasn't just a pretty color - it was a mascara that acts like a mascara, it just happens to be blue. The color also came off more vibrant blue. I did try to apply it over a regular black mascara and although it still applied fine in terms of color - just slightly deeper in tone - I did find it to be a bit more clumpy that way and it just didn't look as polished. Of course combing through with a lash comb can be a big help for that issue.

I will say I found the formula to be a bit dry but it wasn't flaky. I did note, however, that it was a bit tough to get off my lashes, even with an oil-based eye makeup remover. It wasn't impossible - but it was tougher. On the plus side, that means it is very long lasting!

You can use this on your brows, which makes it a great double-duty product for those wanting bold lashes and brows. I personally haven't used it on my brows (not yet anyway) and don't really plan to. I want this to be strictly a lash mascara.

I loved the color and think this is a great blue mascara that I'm happy to own, but the $20 price tag seems a bit steep for a colored mascara. I don't mind paying that much (or more) for a black mascara that I'll use everyday, but I'm afraid this will dry out before I can use it enough to justify the $20 price tag. Who knows, maybe with Halloween right around the corner I will get a ton of use from this!

Overall, if you love blue mascaras this is one to check out for sure! I believe these colored mascaras are exclusive to Ulta - and of course the Butter London website.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this blue mascara? Have you tried this or is this on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. The blue is really stunning! I love coloured mascara for fun days out. :D I've tried a blue mascara from Lioele (Korean brand) and the colour is really similar to this. I would love to get purple, green and pink. ^^

  2. I love this! The color is gorgeous on you. I really didn't want to hear good things about this, I don't need another blue mascara :) I adore wearing colored mascaras, especially purples, greens and blues. I think they're so much fun with a gold or bronze eyeshadow/liner. I have to wear mine over white mascara though otherwise they barely show up on my dark lashes.

    I actually really like the new Maybelline colored mascaras and the Rimmel ones are pretty decent as well. Also, I started off with the Anastasia purple mascara/brow tint and it was great but after a few weeks it's gotten so clumpy I can barely use it.


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