October 22, 2013

Besame Cosmetics Sweetheart Balm in Cherry - pics, swatches, review

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I recently ordered some lip products from Besame Cosmetics off their website. I ordered one of their Classic Color Lipsticks and some Lipstick Samplers (which I'll do a blog post on in the near future), plus the Sweetheart Balm - which is what I will show you in this blog post. I have the Besame Cosmetics Sweetheart Balm in the shade Cherry - which looks like a red but reads more of a pink on my lips. Read my full review below, including all the product info, after the pics.

Besame Cosmetics Sweetheart Balm
Shade: Cherry

Besame Cosmetics Sweetheart Balm Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $18.00 (0.45 oz full size). Available on the Besame Cosmetics website, on the Beauty Army website, on Amazon, and everywhere else Besame Cosmetics are sold. Click here to find a retailer near you.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

A lip salve worthy of the name Besame, Sweetheart Balm is moisturizing lip balm with a tint of color that conditions and fortifies with shea butter, aloe leaf extracts, jojoba oil, and vitamins C and E. The highly emollient, protective formula drenches lips in hydration with a sheer pop of color and natural rose scent. Use it alone for a subtle sheen or top your favorite matte lipstick for a shiny finish.

Besame has come a long way from their original petrolatum-based balms from 1903. The Sweetheart balms are formulated withOUT parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, artificial sweeteners, or phthalates.

Available in four shades, which are described on their website as:
  • Cherry: deep cherry with berry undertones, cherry scented.
  • Sweet Rose: soft pink with a mother of pearl sheen, sugar rose scented.
  • Tangerine: clear tangerine orange shine, tangerine scented.
  • Peach: sheer, shimmering coral-peach, peach scented.

I'll start off by saying I'm not a red lip type of gal, although I can appreciate a good red lip and I have red lip products in my collection. Just me personally, I rarely wear red - or if I do, I wear in in a subtle way. I had looked up swatches of this lip balm before ordering, and had decided on Cherry because it looked like it read mostly pink on people - or a pinky red. It looked beautiful - and it is!

In the jar the shade Cherry looks very red. It is a sheer cherry pink-red shade, that reads more pink on me - especially in the photo. It is a bit more red in tone in person, but still for sure more pink on my lips.

It goes on smooth and has a soft, gel balm consistency. It feels comfortable and cushiony on my lips, with a nice glossy shine and a pretty wash of color. It's also very, very moisturizing, just like a good quality lip balm would be. I have very chapped lips year round, but in the fall and winter they are a constant battle and I have a feeling I'll be reaching for this lip balm a lot - even as an overnight lip balm because it's just that hydrating.

I don't really like pots and jars when it comes to lip products, because I don't like dipping my finger in, but I really like this product so I don't mind with this one. Everytime I use this lip balm it feels very luxurious and I feel a bit old school glam due to the brand.

I don't know if any of the other shades really appeal to me as much as the Cherry one did, so this may be the only one I add to my collection - but who knows, maybe in the future I'll try more (I'd probably try Peach next).

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this lip balm? Have you tried this or is this on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.

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