September 25, 2013

Sick - AGAIN! Plus blog sale update and preview of what's coming soon!

Hello, Beautiful!

I'm super sick again for the second time in what, two weeks? Ugh. I can't win! Seriously considering the flu shot this year but I'm still afraid of shots (yes, I know - my arm is covered in tattoo's and I'm afraid of ONE needle - I make no sense lol). I'm on the road to recovery and have hearing back in one of my ears (my sinuses clogged both my ears and yesterday I could hardly hear anything at all - most silent day of my life) and fever has stayed away today all day, so feeling much better!

So a few updates for everyone...

The blog sale is still in full effect and I know I have several emails to reply to! I've been so sick that I haven't had to the time to go through them and I don't like to touch makeup - especially makeup going to someone else - when I'm sick (just say no to spreading germs). So I'd rather be germ-free when I deal with that blog sale beauty products! I'll get back to everyone soon - I promise!

Also, lots of great reviews coming up -- some from Becca, Zoya, Boots No.7, Pacifica (their makeup), and so much more! Can't wait to share it all with you guys.

Be back soon!

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