September 16, 2013

I've been sick - sorry!

Hello, Beautiful!

I'm so sorry for the lack of blog posts over the past several days. I've been really sick and have had no energy to get off the couch or even get on the computer. Today I finally feel like I can walk without feeling dizzy and just like death, so I'll be getting back on schedule here soon.

Just wanted to pop in and give a quick update.... talk to you beauties soon!


  1. Hope You feel better soon Crystal x

  2. Hi Crystal! I know it must have sounded like I was a psycho or am happy when someone else is sick but TRULY it is NOT that at all! I have a chronic neuro-autoimune dysfunction and I go through SO much ridiculous grief and am made to feel like a hypochondriac (I'm not, I had to go to 6 (!) psychiatrists, one of who was the head of the psychiatric board and the other the chief of staff, head of dept. and professor at a very prestigious teaching hospital in addition to having his own practice, Not to mention the never ending tests and evaluations verifying my illness. Sometimes when you keep getting sick and feel isolated and like you are the only one. No one seems to come by or call unless it is to complain about
    THEIR life (!} Seriously?Oh brother! I just try to excuse myself quickly and politely and get off the hook! I REALLY don't need to have someone immerse me in their negativity. It is so nice to know I am not alone! I like your reviews and articles and it is nice to know there is someone else out there going along with me! I hope you feel better soon and I will be thinking of you as I check in and read the nest thing that catches my eye!

  3. @ Mia: Sorry to hear about all your sicknesses! Thanks for your well wishes and I will be getting back to blogging very, very soon :)


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