May 10, 2011

Winners have been selected from the April Giveaway!

Hello, Beautiful!

The April giveaway ended on Sunday night but I didn't get a chance to choose winners until this morning. All winners have been contacted by email and I will post their names (first name, last initial) on my website (under The Winners Circle page) once they confirm their prize and it ships out.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

More giveaways are coming, so stay tuned :)

Here are some upcoming posts:

My personal in-home nail salon -- I've been moving all my nail polish, nail art supplies, and other nail supplies downstairs to our dining room. I've set up my own personal in-home nail salon (although it's not complete just yet). As soon as I finish getting everything organized (and all polish on the shelves) I will take photos and post them on this blog. In addition to showing my in-home nail salon set up (which, by the way, isn't a real nail salon) the post will also show my organization methods for all things nail related.

Amusement Park Beauty -- Let the 2011 summer testing begin! Every summer I put several makeup brands and products to the ultimate test. Amusement park days are long... makeup goes on around 7am, then has to last through a full day outside in the heat, sweat, water rides and roller coasters... I don't get home until late, sometimes not until 1am! Makeup has to really perform to be wearable in those conditions, and sadly, many products fail. There are a few gems in all the fails, and I hope to find more gems this summer when I test out a new batch of products.

Movie Nail Art -- I've started a few different nail art series based on some of my son's favorite movies, as well as some of my favorite movies. Fun nail art is coming soon!

Illamasqua foundation swatches -- Swatches of their Rich Liquid Foundation and their Powder Foundation, two different shades for each product plus before and after pics. 

The 7*10 Project -- A workout program I designed for myself. I'm going to keep track of my progress on the blog. I'll also post the program details if anyone wishes to follow along with me! Even though I've already started, I just don't have time right now to post details of everything.


  1. Hey love just wanted to make sure you received my reply email on winning the giveaway the other day! Sometimes it goes to spam.


  2. Hey :) Yes, I did get your email but I've been sick all this past week so I haven't been on the computer much and this weekend I've been slowly catching up on emails. But yes, I did receive it and your prize will ship out this coming week! :)


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