May 20, 2011

Wet n Wild Mermaid's Cove Collection: LOTS of swatches of all 8 shades!

Hello, Beautiful!

I heard about this collection only a few days ago, but I know it's been out for a few weeks. I just haven't found it at any stores near me, but my husband stopped at a store near his work and ran into the display "by accident", called me, and asked if I wanted any of the colors (like he really needed to ask?!). "Any?" I asked him, in a duh-I-want-them-all tone. He laughed, then said "I knew it" and picked me up one of each shade, plus an extra bottle of the shade Waves of Enchantment, per my request (which looks like the winning shade out of the collection).

Let's get right into swatches... and there are a LOT of them (16 pics per shade)!!

Wet n Wild Fastdry Limited Edition Mermaid's Cove Summer 2011 Collection

*click on image to view it larger *

For each shade I show how it looks with studio lighting and with a regular camera flash. Swatches show each shade without top coat and each shade with a top coat (in this case, I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat).

Waves Of Enchantment
Shade Description: A pink shimmer with lots of golden flecks. This, in my opinion, is the star shade of the collection. Prettier in person than in pics.

Ocean Grotto
Shade Description: A dirty lime green metallic-like shimmer with gold flecks. My second favorite shade in the collection. Prettier in person than in pics.

Shade Description: Micro pink and silver hex glitter in clear, slightly tinted pink base. The pink shade has a slight purple undertone, which is why it takes on a more purple look in the regular camera flash lighting pics. But I would still call this pink.

Diving For Pearls
Shade Description: A pearlized teal shimmer. This does look green in the regular camera flash lighting pics, but I assure you this is a teal shade.

Magic Trident
Shade Description: A pearlized orange shimmer with flecks of gold (shown better in the regular camera flash lighting pics). I have to say, this color orange reminds me more of Halloween than summertime, but I still think it's a pretty shade!

Sea Of Dreams
Shade Description: A pink-toned dusty lilac with hidden shimmer. In the regular camera flash lighting pics you can see the blue/purple and gold shimmer. In all other photos it just looks pearlescent.

Sea Witch
Shade Description: A blue toned deep purple pearlescent shimmer.

Stream Of Wonder
Shade Description: A fresh ocean blue with pearlescent shimmer.
*** Ignore the weird bumps on the swatches below. I don't know what happened to that nail! ***

What do you think? Which shade is your favorite?
My favorite is Waves of Enchantment, followed by Ocean Grotto. The Waves of Enchantment shade is a pink version of Zoya's Faye (Faye is a purple with gold fleck shimmer).
As always, these shades apply nicely and dry quickly. I love Wet n Wild polishes, especially their newer ones! They're really getting on board with trendy shades. I'm waiting for a line of holographics to come out. I'm sure it's in the future (at least I hope so).


  1. oh my god! really amazing colours!!! love all!!

    In Palace ♥

  2. I love Waves of Enchantment and Atlantis, I think I will have to hunt these downnnnnn!! :) Thanks for sharinggg :)

  3. Just awesome!
    There are at least 4 I want!
    They're so gorgeous!!

  4. Waves of Enchantment looks like it could be a dupe for Zoya Reece. It's a gorgeous color!


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