May 27, 2011

Make Up For Ever Glitter

Hello, Beautiful!

The Week of Make Up For Ever continues with their Glitters!!

I know glitter isn't for everyone, but I swear glitter is in my veins, haha. I can't get enough of it! As a former cheerleader I can't help but have a glitter addiction. For every game I cheered at I seemed to cover myself in glitter (as did the rest of the squad); if there would have been a glitter pool we all would have taken a swim.

Glitter is just pretty and when worn correctly it can look really stunning. Make Up For Ever's glitters are a beautiful choice for makeup glitter.

Let's get right into swatches...

Make Up For Ever Glitter
Shade: No. 4 White Violet
Shade Description: An opalescent white; looks white then looks purple. Really pretty in person! Pics don't do this shade justice.

** For some reason the glitter looks like it has a gold sheen to it in the photo below, but it looks more like the photo above. **

Basic stats for Make Up For Ever's Glitter:
Formula: fine loose glitter
Coverage: buildable
Wear: depends on how you apply it
Shade Range: 14 shades on
Container Type: round jar with sifter; screw-off cap
Cost: $13 for 0.14 oz size
Availability: Found only at Sephora and
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses!

This is a fine loose glitter great for face, body and hair.

Glitter is really a sheer type of coverage, but can be built up depending on how you apply it. It can be as dense as you'd like.

I like to apply my loose glitters over something wet, like a cream shadow, so they stick better. Even without a base this glitter applies and stays in place pretty well. Wet a brush, then dip it in the glitter and apply. You can even use Make Up For Ever's Eye Seal to make this glitter waterproof.

Shade Range:
14 pretty shades available on and I would want to own them all just because I love glitter that much.

Container Type:
Glitter containers can be messy, but I don't find this one to be messy at all. The sifter is nice; not allowing too much product to escape. I don't find it messy, but I'm also pretty careful with my glitters because I don't want to clean up glitter later on.

$13 isn't too bad for a Make Up For Ever product, but it may seem expensive for glitter to some people. However, I don't use glitter all that much and one jar is going to last me years. When I look at it that way I know it's affordable.

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