May 6, 2011

Nfu Oh 61! Swatches & Review (pic heavy)

Hello, Beautiful!

I've wanted Nfu Oh 61 for quite some time now (as well as Gosh Holographic, which I also got my hands on; I'm just waiting for it to arrive in the mail). I managed to get a back-up bottle of Nfu Oh 61 too. I just couldn't order one, fall in love and then not be able to get it again. I had to have a back-up (I always buy a back-up of colors I really, really love). Turns out, as I expected, that I do LOVE this polish! On back-up bottle may not be enough... I may need 100 back-up bottles!

I picked it up on for $12.50 each and free shipping --- HOWEVER, I did read about credit card info being stolen after using that site; not  by the owners of the site but by someone else hacking in or something like that. I'm not sure if that problem is still happening and I personally haven't had any issues, but I did use PayPal as my payment method. Hopefully nothing comes from it but you better believe I will be keeping a close eye on my statements for the next several months.

Anyhow, onto this holo... this beautiful, beautiful holo....

There are many, many pics because I couldn't decide on a few. Also, please ignore my extremely dry cuticles. I was more concerned with capturing the beautiful polish rather than make my cuticles look pretty. I'll take better pics in the future.

* click on images to view them larger *

Indoors; flash

Outdoors; sunlight; no flash

 In the bottle it looks like a regular silver color with scattered holo (in the sun). In the shade it looks like a plain, boring silver.

You would never know by looking at it that it creates such a magical result.

It goes on the nail just as plain and boring as it looks in the bottle... just a simple silver metallic look. But then it begins to dry and the beautiful, gorgeous holo appears!

Oops, with all the beautiful pics I forgot to add my review...

This polish is really tricky to work with. They say to use the Nfu Oh Aqua Base, but I don't own it (yet). I had Essie's Protein base coat on, but when I applied the polish it did this weird curdle thing. It was awful. I had to take it off and start over with no base coat at all. It applied perfectly then.

This polish will show off every dent, ridge and scratch on your nails. The bling of it conceals it, but indoors (when it's not as blingy) you can really see all your nail flaws.

Two coats was perfect (which is what all the photos above show), but you could do three coats if you really want to make sure it's at the best it can be. Honestly though, you don't need three coats.

They say not to use a top coat with this, which I didn't in the photos but I did apply Seche Vite and I still had the holo rainbow, it maybe was just a bit more muted. I'll have to take some comparison pics of it with various top coats to experiment with what works. You technically don't need a top coat, but it is a little matte and I'd prefer a glossy finish. But still, the bling of this polish outshines and makes any bad thing about this polish seem so unimportant.

Because there was no top coat it does wear quickly, as do most holos, but that's not really a big issue with me as I like to change my polish daily. I did, however, re-paint my nails this morning with this exact same color. I think I'm a bit obsessed right now!

So in conclusion, this polish is high maintenance, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!


  1. Awesome pics!! Especially the upclose ones...beautiful! I also just got this polish and already had the aqua base and I did think it made a big difference, but I didn't try using a different base. I only tried it w/o a base & then w/ the aqua base! Amazing!!!!

  2. Awesome holo! Reminds me of ChG OMG

  3. I think I neeed this nail polish!

  4. amazing! I've been deciding if I want this or not, and now I think I've decided to get it!


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