May 24, 2011

Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss

Hello, Beautiful!

Another post for the Week of Make Up For Ever! This time I'm going to talk about Make Up For Ever's Lab Shine Lip Gloss. I only have one shade, but there are many shades I like.

Make Up For Ever's Lab Shine Lip Gloss is divided into three collections - Diamond, Star, and Metal - with a total of 35 shades.
  • Diamond Collection: 12 shades that give natural looking color with sparkling, sheer coverage.
  • Star Collection: 14 shades with a pearly shine for medium coverage.
  • Metal Collection: 9 shades, highly pigmented that offer full coverage with an intense, chrome finish.

Onto the swatches...

Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss - Star Collection - S6
Shade Description: A peachy pink with gold shimmer.

The shade I own is from the Star Collection; shade S6 which is described online as a pearly peach. Honestly, I meant to order S4, which is right above S6, but I must have mis-ordered this shade instead. I was too undecided about this shade to return it and I'm glad I didn't return it. The color is pretty; a peachy pink with gold shimmer. I'd say it's in the same color family as the NARS Orgasm shade.

You do get plenty of shine with this gloss and average gloss wear. This gloss is scented like apricot, which is a pleasant scent to me. It smells just like Stila's Apricot Lip Glaze!

Basic stats for Make Up For Ever's Lab Shine Lip Gloss:
Formula: gloss (liquid)
Coverage: sheer to full; depending on the collection you choose
Wear: average gloss wear
Shade Range: 35 shades across all three collections
Container Type: gloss plastic tube; brush applicator
Cost: $18 for 0.09 oz size
Availability: Found only at Sephora and
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses!

This is a non-sticky gloss that gives you lots of pretty shine from the camelina oil and mother-of-pearl particles, which reflect light to create that pretty shine. Because it contains hyaluronic acid your lips will receive intense hydration while wearing this gloss. A subtle apricot scent.

Sheer to full coverage depending on which collection you choose. Diamond Collection will give you sheer, Star collection will give you medium, and Metal collection will give you full coverage.

Typical gloss wear. Not a long-wear formula but also doesn't disappear right after you apply.

Shade Range:
There are many shades to choose from in this gloss line, making it easy for anyone to find a suitable shade. I like several shades and plan to try more out in the future.

Container Type:
I'm not a fan of glosses with a brush applicator. I prefer a doe-foot applicator, as I feel I have more control. I also have bad experiences with brush applicators getting all messed up; bristles will fray outward and cause a mess on my lips. So far, this brush hasn't given me any trouble and the gloss applies nicely.

Make Up For Ever is not a bargain beauty brand so their prices are going to be on the higher side, however, this gloss may be a little over priced... but only a little. I think a $14 or $15 price point would have been a much better choice.

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