January 10, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Misbehaved (swatch photo, review, tutorial)

UPDATE: Check out swatches & review of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Laced Up by clicking here.

Hello, Beautiful!

By now most of you probably have heard of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. They just popped up at my local Wal-Mart on Friday and my awesome husband was the one to find them, call me, then buy a box for me (I love him).

I had my eye on the pattern, which to me, looks like fishnet stockings. It's called "Misbehaved" - which is a shimmery gold with small holo glitter as the base color and black fishnet stocking pattern on top.

As soon as my husband got home I removed my nail polish (which you can still sort of see around the edges of my nails, sorry!) and applied these strips.

You'll receive 16 strips in a box, and a box costs around $8 to $9. I thought to myself, "okay, why only 16 strips and not 20 strips?", thinking you'd use one strip per nail and would get two uses out of the set. Depending on the length of your nails you will get more use out of these. I don't have long nails so I was able to use each strip twice. I only used five strips to do my nails. If you have longer nails you may only get one use out of each box. A lot will also depend on your nails size.

Applying them is an easy process:
1. Make sure your nails are clean and polish free (I did NOT use a base coat).
2. Buff your nails (I actually buffed and smoothed them with my own file, although they include a mini file for you to use). They also want you to file the edge of your nail so it's sharp - this is to break the strip off easier, but I had no problems breaking off the strip without filing the edges of my nails down.
3. Choose your strip size and apply. Smooth on. Tear the remaining strip off. I just pulled downward and it torn off. Since my nails are short enough I used the remainder on my other hand.
4. Then I filed off any excess hanging over my nail
5. And even though this was not in the steps, I did put one coat of Seche Vite over top because I wanted them to last.

To remove you just use regular nail polish remover (I'll have to update this after I remove them to tell you how easy it was).

I applied these on a Friday evening and it's now Monday morning. All of them are still on, no tears or chips (and believe me, I am not careful with my nails). They survived showers, which sometimes can cause peeling in nail strips. And they still feel like they're going to be on my nails for a long time. I really want to keep these on until they start to wear, but I'm not sure I can make it that long. I like to paint my nails at least every other day, and I have a lot of new colors I wanted to try out. I'll give it another day or two before I change my nails.

Overall I'm very impressed with these strips. I like the variety, how easy they are to use, and the fact that I'll get at least 2 uses out of the box, possibly 3. The wear is great, so you'll get your money out of these. If you have a special event to go to these nails will last you at least 2 to 3 days without any signs of wear (and probably even longer).

The price point isn't bad - $9 is pretty good for what you get, at least for the patterns (I think the regular ones that you could do easily with nail polish aren't worth it, but patterns are great). The regular ones are worth if if you travel a lot and just need a change of polish. They're also great to keep a box in your desk at work, even your locker at school. They're a great "emergency" nail color option.
Have you tried these? If so, which ones did you try out and what are your thoughts on them?
If you haven't tried these, will you pick up a box the next time you see them?


  1. I love it!!!

    looks cute the colour


  2. that is awesome i want to copy you :\

  3. I was excited when I found these at my local drug store. The first ones I tried were the Misbehaved pattern. They stayed on for 8 days and I only removed them because of the nail growth - and to apply my next set:-) they were a little difficult to remove, it took a lot of nail polish remover. Overall I think this is a great product!!

  4. I am on day 4 of the Sally Hansen strips in "Check It Out" (the houndstooth design) & I love them. I was able to do all my fingers & my toes with one box & had 7 full strips left over... I am *not* gentle with my nails at all & wash dishes at least twice a day, so I am impressed with them even lasting up until day 4 w/ no chipping, tip wear or peeling.The toes are awesome :) as I know they will last longer & I can just polish my nails to match them when these do come off my fingers... Anywho, I will be trying Kitty Kitty next :) You nails look great!!! Happy polishing!

  5. i have used these in both the lace pattern and the leopard pattern ad they are fantastic! they last more than a week!

  6. Update, LoL... Well the strips on my nails were still looking GREAT on the 8th day... No peeling, chipping or tip wear & like I said before I am NOT easy on my nails. I wash dishes probably 2-3 times a day... Anywho, I decided to take the strips off my nails on the 8th day though. I wanted to see how long they would last but like to change my polish frequently & it was kinda freaking me out that I was locked into that design... IDK, I guess I'm weird, but yeah my toenails still have the strips on & look PERFECT... On day 11... I have to say I am impressed :) Next I will try either the Kitty Kitty (as mentioned previously) or possibly the gold or pink glitter as I have both in addition to he animal print... I kinda wonder if the glitter ones will have the same results...

  7. Allison, I am the same way! I just can't keep one color (or in this case, design) on my nails for very long!

    I took the strips off around day 7 and it was easy removal. I just soaked my fingers in a bowl of acetone remover for maybe 2 minutes per hand and they slid right off! I had maybe one or two small areas that I went back with a q-tip to get off, but otherwise I was really happy with the removal process.

    I like the glitter ones, but I can't bring myself to buy those just yet when I have glitter polish very similar to them already. I think when someone has a good sale on them I will buy more!

    Thank you for sharing your experience! :)


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