January 23, 2011

OPI Katy Perry Collection - out TODAY at Ulta stores!

*UPDATE* Click here to go to the blog post with the OPI Katy Perry collection swatches.

Hello, Beautiful!

The much anticipated Katy Perry collection by OPI is now available at Ulta stores! I went to my local Ulta (which is 45 minutes away) first thing in the morning. They didn't open until 11am, but I was here at 10:25am, and yes, I waited in the parking lot so I could be first one in the store. My husband thought I was nuts, but he went along with me to see the crazy unfold :)

I originally only wanted the glitters from the Katy Perry collection and maybe the duo chrome color, but I ended up getting one of each (I had put away money specifically for this collection, so I was able to buy them all). I picked up two other shades too, which I had wanted for awhile: OPI My Private Jet and OPI DS (Designer Series) in Opulence. Plus an Ulta polish four pack (of mini shades, from Halloween - the "Ghoul's Best Friend" set) on clearance for $1.99 (down from $7.99) and one Ulta Pro polish in Lotsa Luxe on clearance for $3.75 (down from $7.50).

After Ulta, on the way back home, I hit up a few stores and picked up even more nail polish. At a Dollar Tree I picked up a few more L.A. Color's polishes (their regular line, not the Color Craze that you always see at most of the dollar stores). At Rite Aid I found a Petites Color Fever polish for 75% off (just one shade was on clearance - Fairy Pink). And at CVS I picked up three more Wet n Wild Craze polishes (The Wonder Yellows, Gray's Anatomy, Teal Or No Teal).

My polish collection just grew by another 26 shades (bringing my polish shade count to 602).

I will post swatches of the Katy Perry collection (and other polishes) very soon.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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