January 1, 2011

Color Club polishes at Ross! Just $7.99 for a set of 7 (photos included)

Hello, Beautiful!

I stopped by my local Ross today and stumbled upon two Color Club nail polish sets! Each one contains 7 polishes. Price: $7.99 per pack! Yeah... that's a great deal!

[edit to add] Yes, they are all FULL SIZED bottles!!

One is the "Rebel Debutante" set and the other is the "All About Color" set.

I'm too lazy today to bring out my big camera, so I took these photos with my phone to give you an idea of what they look like (full swatches will come soon).

Shades included: ? I have no idea. They don't have any shade names listed on the bottles or the box. I will try to look these up and find shade names.

Shades included: (shade names are not listed on the bottles, but they are on the back of the box)...
  • Who Are You Wearing? - 880
  • High Society - 881
  • Best Dressed List - 882
  • Charity Ball - 883
  • Uptown Girl - 884
  • She's Sooo Glam - 885
  • Ms. Socialite - 886

If you're interested you should stop by your local Ross soon (they only had 2 of each set at my Ross). By the way, I also stopped at T.J. Maxx and they didn't have anything good in the beauty department. However, they did have an amazing pair of heels! The color is EXACTLY a match to OPI's Sparkle-icious (from the Burlesque collection). They are glitter heels, but they're not obnoxiously shiny. I'll have to post photos of them next to me wearing the polish to show you how close of a match it is. Since I love the Sparkle-icous polish (probably my favorite glitter polish shade), I had to snatch them up. They also just happened to be my size and the only ones in the entire store. It was a match made in heaven, haha.

I hope you had a great New Years! I didn't get to drink like I wanted to (I had two sips of one drink and was done... I just wasn't in a drinking mood). But that's okay, I have a girls night lined up soon and I can always let loose around my best friend! I'll get my day of relaxation soon!


  1. That's a great deal! Are they full size bottles?

  2. Thank you for asking this. I forgot to mention that yes, they are all full sized bottles! I updated my blog post to mention this.

    But yes, full sized bottles! I was all giddy when I found these sets!

  3. If you're still unsure of the names for the all about color set, I think from left to right, they are: Cadillac Red, Sugar Sheer, In Bloom, Rev'd Up, Overboard, Catwalk Queen, and Trippie Hippie. I'm not 100% certain, but I hope it helps.


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