January 22, 2011

My New Nail Polish Shelf!

Hello, Beautiful!

I have the best husband in the world. I swear, he completely gets me! He and my son took the time to build me a nail polish shelf! My husband may be a computer geek by day, but he's a really great handy man too (we're both do-it-yourself type of people and have remodeled 75% of our home by ourselves, with the help of my parents too since my dad is a handy man by trade.).

The nail polish shelf planning process began as an actual book shelf type of set up. You know - lots of shelves, a back, and sides. But then it some how ended up as free floating shelves built onto the wall. I still need to paint them, but that will come in time.

We also have a few other things we'll add:
  • More shelves (one higher and one lower if needed).
  • Longer shelves - we'll expand them over towards the left.
  • Sides at the ends of the shelves so we can attach a thin rounded bar to make sure they don't fall off.
  • Label the colors in some way that I can adjust them (since I like to have things color coordinated, at least within each brand).

So here is what we have at this very moment:

[Sorry for the bad quality photo. This was taken with my phone. I will take official pics soon.]

I of course couldn't wait to get my polish on there! This rack is holding all 538 shades of polish I currently own. I kept all duplicate shades in boxes for now, and all my nail supplies will go on the old nail polish shelf.


  1. WoW!!! 0.0 That's a lot of nailpolish! I love it!!

  2. OH MY GOD! *w* eye-candy :D


  3. *** To: Siimply Alexx

    I am so sorry, but I hit the "delete" button instead of "publish" by accident and your comment was deleted. I did not mean to delete your comment (I was in the car, as a passenger, and we hit a bump and my finger hit the wrong button). Sorry about that! Please feel free to re-comment if you'd like. But I also copied & pasted your comment below:

    From: Siimply Alexx
    omg...wooow that's a LOT of nail polish. i suck at doing my nails...I have like 5-6 polishes. HAHA!


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