January 4, 2011

More Color Club sets at Ross!

Hello, Beautiful!

I was in the area of my local Ross and just had to stop in to see if they had any more sets left (in case anyone was looking for them). Well they didn't have the other sets I found before, but they did have two new sets: Untamed Luxury Collection and the Glitter Vixen Collection (which was packaged wrong; it was packaged as the Wild at Heart collection). I seriously never knew Ross carried these sets and now that I know it will be hard to keep me away from a Ross!

They are $7.99 each set of 7 full sized polishes!

I don't have time to post pics right now (it's a date night with my husband - we'll be watching "Case 39"), but I will post swatches this week of all the Color Club shades I own.

Untamed Luxury Collection includes:
  • De-Luxe-Cious -- 896
  • Ms. Hautie -- 897
  • Red Velvet -- 898
  • Untamed Luxury -- 899
  • Resort to Red -- 900
  • Snakeskin -- 901
  • Covered in Diamonds -- 902

Glitter Vixen Collection includes:
  • Sex Symbol -- 842
  • Magic Attraction -- 843
  • Sultry Diva -- 844
  • Art of Seduction -- 845
  • Sexy Siren -- 846
  • Object of Envy -- 847
  • True Passion -- 848

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