January 22, 2011

Great nail polish finds - New Victoria's Secret makeup - My Swollen Knees

Hello, Beautiful!

Today we had to travel out to state for a car part, and along the trip home we stopped at every Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and The Dollar Tree that we could find. We also stopped at a Five Below, Icing, and Victoria's Secret.

I'm always on the hunt for great makeup deals, and today I found some pretty sweet deals. In fact, so good of deals that my nail polish collection just grew by 38 new shades!!!

So what did I get?

* At TJ Maxx I found two different Goldie nail polish sets. Each set includes 8 full sized nail polishes for just $7.99 per set!

I'm so glad I held off on purchasing these on another discount beauty site (which sold them individually for $2.99 each), because now I have 16 Goldie nail polishes for just $16 (which would have cost me $47.84 for the same amount at $2.99 each).

I love the colors and I'm really happy with the find, but one thing that bothers me like no other is the fact that these shades are un-named! GRRRR! I can't stand that!! I tried to find some sort of web reference for shade names, but I had little luck with that. Oh well, I'll just name them "Goldie #1, Goldie #2" and so on.

Also, between both sets there were three dupe shades. No biggie - they'll be a back up, end up as a gift, or put up in a blog contest :)

* At Icing I really hit the jackpot! I've never had the chance to go to an Icing store, since there are none near me. But were were in four states today (Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania), so I was able to run into one (In Maryland, I believe).

I picked up two colors from their current line, which were buy one get one half off - a deal good enough for me! But then, just as I get in line to check out, I hear my husband say "Crystal, turn around... look at the clearance rack". And there it was: 5 for $5 nail polishes!!!!  It just happened they had 10 shades available in the clearance bin, so I picked up 10 Icing polishes for just $10 (regular price is $4.50 each) - I just saved $35 just on the 10 polishes themselves, plus an additional $2.25 on the half off polish! Woo Hoo!

* At Five Below I picked up three Funky Fingers polishes - which are 3 for $5. This Five Below actually didn't have many polishes to choose from, which was a disappointment. But I did find one really pretty Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish (a black with silver and multi-colored glitter that I can't wait to swatch).

* I made purchases at two Dollar Tree's. At the first Dollar Tree I found these great L.A. Colors Nail Dazzling! sets. Each set includes a mini nail polish and two glitter pots (jars). I love glitter - especially on my nails - so I picked up two of each set they had (three different sets to choose from). Of course, just $1 per set (duh - it's the dollar store!).

At the second Dollar Tree I ran into some Sally Hansen polish, sold 2 per pack. I think I picked up 4 packs. Each pack was different with what it included, some Xtreme Wear, a Maximum Growth formula, a Diamond Strength, and then there are the Star Opal Nail Glazes - which I haven't heard of and never used, so I'm really excited to go swatch them. Again, just $1 per set of 2 polishes. I did get two dupe colors, which again will probably end up in a contest on this blog.

* And finally, I stopped by Victoria's Secret (I had a gift card) and picked up two makeup finds. The first is one of their new Perfect Lipstick's in the shade Instinct. This is such a pretty nude shade! The perfect pinky nude to wear with smoky eyes. It goes on super smooth, semi-sheer yet plenty of color, and it feels good on my lips (moisturizing, not drying at all). This was $14.

Then, while in line (the lipstick was going to be my only purchase), I saw they had a new makeup palette out. This was the "Shimmer Lights Eye Kit" for $15 (they have a purple one and a green one available - I chose the purple one). The kit includes 6 eyeshadows, one cream highlighter shade, and one cream eye liner.

The shadows are just what I like to wear! Pretty grays, taupes, and violets. I will do swatches on this soon because it is so pretty!!

The green palette was also pretty - but I liked the purple one way better (I'm sure I'll get the green palette eventually).

That completes my day of deal hunting!

And on a personal note...

I'm not really sick anymore, but I still feel a little run down. My voice is also almost completely gone right now. I'm sure tomorrow it will be gone. This normally happens to me after I get a bad sore throat and it lasts several days. Fun times.

So, I have swollen knees...

I've been having major issues with my knees since last weekend. They are swollen... like tree trunk swollen! So swollen that just sitting down (bending them) or having to get up (making them straight again) is one of the most painful things I've ever felt.

I don't know what I did to them exactly. The only thing I can think of is last weekend I moved a bunch of furniture around. The pain started the next day and has been here ever since. So I guess I did something, I just have no idea what I may have done to them.

Getting in and out of the car hurts. Sitting down to pee hurts. Getting up from the toilet feels impossible. Seriously, I thought today I would be stuck on a public toilet because it was so low that I barely made it back to standing (and I let out a small groan/scream of pain while trying to stand up... which followed by strange looks from other people in the bathroom when I came out of the stall, haha).

Then today I also thought I'd be stuck down on the ground in the dollar store. I had to get down to see something and on my way down I felt like I ripped every ligament, tendon and muscle in my knees. Getting back up was worse. I had to rely on a store shelf, which I pushed all my weight down on just to stand back up (I was sure the shelf would break, but it didn't, thankfully).

For the past week I've been icing my knees and trying to stay off of them, but that isn't possible at all times. I mean, I have a business to run and I have a 5 year old to take care of! But when I can I do prop my knees up to try and reduce the swelling and at night I also sleep with pillows under my knees. Nothing has taken the swelling away, so I have no choice but to go to the doc on Monday.

According to my grandmom, who has had this done a few times, they will need to drain the water from my knees and inject some sort of medicine. Just hearing that makes me want to run and hide. But I also know that I like to sit, stand, walk, and move like a normal person without pain in my knees. So because of that I will do what I need to do. This pain is ridiculous.

Tomorrow the Katy Perry OPI collection is released at Ulta stores. I will be there, swollen knees and no voice, when they open so I can get the shades I want. But then I will do nothing tomorrow but prop my knees up, ice them, and stay off my feet!

Wish me luck at the doctors on Monday. I'm seriously freaked out!

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