September 17, 2014

Ellis Faas Summer Set of 3 Lip Colors for Net-A-Porter: pics, swatches, reviews!

Hello, Beautiful!

Ellis Faas is one of my favorite luxury brands. They recently came out with a summer set of 3 lip colors just for the Net-A-Porter website, but you can purchase each of these separately on their own. The set includes Milky Lips in shade L207 - a nude pink, Glazed Lips in shade L304 - a sheer orange, and Hot Lips in shade L401 - a bright red. I've reviewed some Ellis Faas lip products in the past, which I'll link in my review below, but this is the first time I've tried their Glazed Lips and their Milky Lips. Check out all the product info, along with my full review, after the pics!

Ellis Faas Summer Set of 3 Lip Colors
Includes: Milky Lips in L207, Glazed Lips in L304, Hot Lips in L401
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Ellis Faas Milky Lips
Shade: L207 - a nude pink

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips
Shade: L304 - a sheer orange

Ellis Faas Hot Lips
Shade: L401 - a bright red

Ellis Faas Summer Set of 3 Lip Colors Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $105 (for a set of 3 full sized Ellis Faas lip colors). This set is exclusively on the Net-A-Porter website, but you can also purchase these separately everywhere Ellis Faas is sold.
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

Product Info...

Whether you're looking for a high-shine gloss or an everyday wash of color, Ellis Faas' set of three paraben-free lip colors has something to suit. These long-lasting, non-drying formulas contain moisturizing Candelilla Wax and Vitamin E. The built-in rounded sponge tip ensures an even finish.

This set includes:

  • Milky Lips in shade L207: a nude pink; high-pigment lipstick with an incredibly lightweight feel.
  • Glazed Lips in shade L304: a sheer orange; super high-shine gloss.
  • Hot Lips in shade L401: a bright red; pigment-rich formula with a non-greasy finish.

My Review...

As I mentioned in the top of this post, I have reviewed some Ellis Faas lip products in the past; I first reviewed two shades of their Creamy Lips back in November 2012, and then three shades of their Hot Lips in December 2013. This is the first time I've tried their Milky Lips formula and their Glazed Lips formula.

Separately, these retail for $35 a piece -- which confused me as to why this set was $105 and not a reduced price for buying three together. Normally if you buy items in a set like this there is a discount, but these add up to $105 even if you were to buy them separately. At that price I'd much rather choose the shades I'm getting -- but I could see how this is a good "don't have to think about it" type of set or even as a gift to someone.

The shades includes are all pretty universal and wearable, it just depends on your personal likes. There is a bright red from the Hot Lips line. I'm not a red lip gal, so this is one I'd wear the least from this set. But I do love the Hot Lips formula; if you want super bright and bold lips you'll want to try their Hot Lips!

Then there is a sheer orange from their Glazed Lips line. This is a glossy formula; very glossy in fact. I do find it to be a bit messy and even uneven due to the brush applicator, but you can smooth it out with your finger. I think it just may be the shade that kind of appears that way - as this is a bolder shade that you'd want to look as perfect on the lips as possible. For an orange, it's surprisingly wearable. Don't let the color scare you; try it out first and you may be surprised how much you like it on yourself. I really like this one on my lips and with my skintone. It's not an everyday shade for me, but one I really like. And if you really like orange lips, this would make a great topper to an orange lipstick! Also, great to top over pink lipsticks too!

And finally there is a gorgeous pinky nude shade from their Milky Lips line. This formula I originally thought was the same as their Creamy Lips, but I was mistaken. This is certainly the most everyday shade for me in this set, but I find my lips need to be smooth and not chapped or this can show every little flake on your lips. Still, for the shade, I'll make sure my lips are good to go because I love this.

As far as formulations go, the Hot Lips and Milky Lips are basically liquid lipsticks but the Glazed Lips is a lip gloss. All of them have a luxe formula and come in the signature Ellis Faas silver bullet style packaging.

Again, my only complaint is that for a set of them I wish there was a slight discount so there is an incentive to buy this set of three already selected shades as opposed to selecting the shades yourself (which most people may want to do).

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these lip colors? What shade is your favorite? Have you tried any of them or are they on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. Wowzers! That orange!!! Glazed Lips will probably still remain my favourite, but I do need to try the Hot Lips line. I don't wear red often either, but this version is stunning. :)

  2. El tono Milky lips me ha encantado! Besos!


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