September 4, 2014

Updated Blog Sale!! September 2014!

Hello, Beautiful!

I have been doing a huge organization/clean-up of my house, which has gotten me in a major purging mode, so I went through my collection again and was able to purge even more stuff! I've just added the new items and also reduced prices on some other items - including reducing prices on almost all the nail polish because I want it gone! No further discounts will be given so please do not ask to do a bundle price as these prices are extremely reasonable.

Read all the rules/how to order before you email me with questions or your order (they're on each blog sale page). Basics: USA Only. PayPal for payment. No holds. Must reply quickly/Pay quickly (within 24 hours). No further discounts.

Click on the links below, and the Blog Sale tab up top will also link these pages as well! Happy shopping!
Also: because of how low I've priced these items I also had to change the shipping discounts I was previously giving because. Previously, I was giving free shipping when you spend $75 -- I know spending $75 is still a lot, but believe it or not a lot of people did. However, I was spending $15 to $20 on shipping each time out of my own pocket, which really adds up over several orders. So now I will only do free shipping if you spend $100 or more. I hope it's understandable. I know some people don't even do free shipping at all, but I wanted to have a little perk for those buying a lot. Also keep in mind I don't charge any fees for PayPal (I pay all those myself), and I pay for all the shipping supplies (bubble wrap, tissue paper, tape, etc. - which also adds up quickly).

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