September 9, 2014

Blog Sale Update & IG Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Hello, Beautiful!

Thank you to everyone who placed a blog sale order over the past week. Everyone's orders thus far have been shipped out and are on their way to you! Enjoy!!

For anyone wanting to place an order, the blog sale pages are all up to date as far as what products are sold and any pending items (pending = meaning someone is currently ordering them, just waiting on their payment). Just click on the link below or click on the Blog Sale tab above! 

Please: If you email me to order be ready to make your payment. I've had three people, two of which had very large orders, stop communication completely and just fall through -- and those items were ones other wanted and I had to turn others down because I had items being held for people who didn't follow through. Don't get me wrong, I understand changing your mind but I don't understand just not replying at all. It's situations like these that make me have to have stricter rules and time lines for making payment. Sigh. Oh well - thank you again to everyone who did keep communication and followed through. I greatly appreciate it!

Now onto my most recent giveaway - which was held exclusively on my Instagram! The winner was announced yesterday evening on my Instagram and I've already DM'd the winner and received her contact information so I can ship out her prize. The winner is:



If you didn't win, don't worry - I have more giveaways in the works so stay tuned!! :)

For now though, back to working on some awesome blog posts coming up this week! Have a good Tuesday everyone!

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