September 19, 2014

Votre Vu - French Kiss Moisture Riche Lipsticks - shades Lisette, Colette: pics, swatches, review

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I have another lip product from the French brand Votre Vu. In this post I'll show you their French Kiss Moisture Riche Lipstick. I have two shades: Lisette and Colette. Both shades are in the nude category, but on my skintone I'm only a fan of Lisette. I like the formula of these lipsticks - they go on smooth and feel hydrating. Check out all the product info, along with my full review, after the pics!

Votre Vu - French Kiss
Moisture Riche Lipstick
Shades: Lisette (1300-09), Colette (1300-08)
Continue scrolling down to see more pics of each individual shade.

Votre Vu - French Kiss
Moisture Riche Lipstick
Shade: Lisette (1300-09)

Votre Vu - French Kiss
Moisture Riche Lipstick
Shade: Colette (1300-08)

Votre Vu French Kiss Moisture Riche Lipstick Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $23.00 -- $16.10 Brand Ambassador price (0.14 oz full size). Available on the Votre Vu website. For more details on their Brand Ambassador program scroll to the bottom of this post.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

Product Info...

Finally, some lip service that flatters as you flaunt it! Inspired by the French woman's exquisite sense of style that attracts admirers the world over, Vu's full-range of French Kiss shades -- from a classic French red to a charming natural nude -- dress any lip in chic color and haute hydration.

Handcrafted of pure, enriched natural plant waxes and vitamin E, these proprietary formulations protect your gorgeous grin with anti-aging ingredients and SPF 8. Embrace a lush, buildable finish that doesn't flake or feather - just beckons beaucoup de baisers (many kisses) with a teasing touch of natural vanilla mint.

Available in 11 shades. Below are the shade names and the descriptions as listed on the Votre Vu website.

  • Colette: a warm and mid-tone creamy nude with peach undertones that befits any occasion.
  • Lisette: this cool & creamy, chic muted rose is a French-speaking fashionista.
  • Margaux: a bodacious and beautiful berry red.
  • Loulou: an everyday bouquet of delicate, cool-toned muted roses.
  • Babette: a dusty-pink, warm nude to take with you everywhere, every day.
  • Chloe: inspired by a French girl's perfect fuschia pink pout.
  • Claire: a cool and bronzy shimmer with a sultry kick.
  • Annette: a punchy coral that makes every face look happier!
  • Claudia: an all-American red saturated in pure pigmented color and absolute fun!
  • Suzanne: a self-assured pretty mid-tone pink that's like a best friend for your face.
  • Tatiana: a warm and joyful tomato red that's ideal for your first tryst rouge.

My Review...

At first glance, both shades look way darker than I'd normally choose for a lipstick. Upon swatching and how they look on my lips, I fell in love with one shade and the other shade just wasn't flattering on my skintone.

The shade Lisette is a gorgeous nude! It looks a lot more brown and dark in the tube than it actually goes onto the lips. It has a more pinky tone to it when swatched and on the lips - which makes it oh so beautiful, in my opinion. I absolutely fell in love with the shade Lisette. It's one of those perfect nudes that looks great on its own, but what I really love to do is top it with the Votre Vu Lip Lustre Vitamin E Lip Gloss in the shade Tender. Those two together is pure nude lips heaven!

The shade Colette is a darker, browner shade with a slight frosty sheen to it. It also pulls a bit orange on me when I swatch it or wear it - but not straight up orange, just more of a brown frost nude with a slight orange undertone. It went on a bit patchy in one area of my lip, as you can see in the lip swatch pics, but I believe that has more to do with my lip condition at the time and less to do with the actual lipstick. Colette, while I can appreciate the shade on its own, just isn't my cup of tea - but I could see how this could be a perfect nude for those with deeper skintones. It's also a nice fall/winter shade. I just haven't worn it since swatching it.

I will say online their swatches don't really do the shades justice. Lisette is shown online as more of a dark mauvey rose and even described as a "cool & creamy, chic muted rose" but I find it to be more of a pinky brown nude that's not too dark. Based on the shade descriptions, I'd want to also try Babette, Loulou, and Annette.

The formula of these lipsticks are really nice, as they go on smooth and feel hydrating on the lips. They do have a slight minty fresh tingle/taste/smell - which doesn't bother me and quickly goes away. I know some people aren't into mint anything for their lip products, so if that's an issue that bothers you then you may want to skip out on these. If you don't mind a little mint feel/taste/smell for a minute or two then you'll probably love this formula of lipsticks -- and the shade Lisette.

Votre Vu Brand Ambassador -- CLICK HERE for more details.
Please Note: I am NOT a Votre Vu Brand Ambassador; I simply want to provide those details for anyone interested.

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Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this lipstick? Do you like the shade Lisette or Colette better? Have you tried them or are they on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.

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