September 3, 2014

Votre Vu - Palette Play Eye Shadow Quad in Nude, & Shadow Single in Endless Summer: pics, swatches, reviews

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In this post I have the Votre Vu Palette Play Eye Shadow Quad Palette in the combo Nude. It unfortantely arrived damaged; the darkest shade was broken and got all over everything. I cleaned it up the best I could to photograph it and play with it, and I'm so happy with the palette regardless that the one shade was broken (there is still plenty of shadow left from the broken shade to use). The four shades in the Nude palette are so wearable and you can really wear them all together or combined with other shadows. Check out all the product info, along with my full review, after the pics!

Votre Vu - Palette Play
Eye Shadow Quad Palette
Shade: Nude

Votre Vu Palette Play Eye Shadow Quad Palette Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $42.00 -- $29.40 Brand Ambassador price (0.23 oz full size). Available on the Votre Vu website. For more details on their Brand Ambassador program scroll to the bottom of this post. 
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

Product Info...

Lacking an art degree or refined pedigree? No worries. With Vu's well-curated, exquisite pigments, there are no mistakes, just masterpieces. Discover your inner Degas as you dip your brush in the silky palette, an artistic blend of stabilizing vitamin E, jojoba oil and kaolin clay that imparts long-lasting, crease-proof color to the delicate eyelid.

Elegantly milled, these striking shadows present three finishes: matte for color play, satin for definition and shimmer for highlights. Mixed with healthy, premium minerals, Palette Play's formulas deflect light from fine lines, projecting a youthful vibrancy while guarding against the sun. Each shade is free of talc, fragrance, low-cost minerals and other common irritants for a calm, colored canvas.

Currently available in 3 quads. Below are the quad names, includes shades and a description of each quad as listed on the Votre Vu website.
  • Nude: presents a sophisticated quartet of everyday neutrals. Shades are: New Canvas, Pale Earth, Pretty Penny, Rich Bronze.
  • Violette: features four petal-inspired shades. Shades are: Chiffon, Raw Silk, Moire, Black Velvet.
  • Copper: highlights four glamorous gem tones. Shades are: Linen, Gilt, Copper Suede, Indigo.

My Review...

Normally I photograph all items before I ever swatch them or test them out, because I like to get what I call "product perfect" photos. Since this palette arrived broken I already knew I wasn't going to have it my way this time around. Not knowing what exactly was broken, I opened the palette - thinking all four shades were in pieces - but found only one shade was the broken one. Of course it was the darkest shade that had to break, creating the biggest mess among the rest of the items that I was sent, as well as my photographing area, clothes and hands. I dumped it into the trash to get as much loose shadow out, then used q-tips to clean up the other three shadows and the rest of the palette. That's why none of the shades have that picture perfect look to them because I swiped a q-tip over the top of each shadow to clean the darker shade off of them.

Once the mess was cleaned up I could finally get on with photographing and swatching them. First impression of the shades is they are really pretty. Yes, they're neutrals and I have many neutral palettes and shades in my collection (I bet I could even find dupes if I really wanted to), but I felt that this palette contained four neutrals that were really usable and perfectly matched together.

They have a really nice texture. In my notes I wrote down smooth, silky/creamy texture. They have nice pigmentation on their own, but I find they apply and show up even better when used over a primer. For the purpose of my swatch photos I used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I'm not sure exactly which shade is which, but the bottom right shade (the taupey brown shimmer) is my favorite and looks great all over the lid. The matte cream shade is a great brown bone highlight and inner corner matte highlight. The matte brown/camel shade is great to blend out the crease; it's almost too light to be a crease color for my skintone but just dark enough that I can use it there. If I used it on my eyelid it would hardly look like anything. But it's a great blending shade for me. The darkest shade is pretty to define the outer-v or outer corner. It reminds me a bit of the shade Hustle from Urban Decay. They're probably the closest dupes for each other that I can think of off the top of my head (and I just swatched them both side by side on my hand to confirm with myself, and yes, they are practically identical).

I will say the price point - $42 - is kind of high for just four shadows. That comes to $10.50 per shadow - which if you buy one of the Votre Vu shadows on their own, it's $19 a piece. Maybe if the shades were super unique I could see paying a bit more just for having something completely unique in your collection, but $42 for four neutral shades is a bit hard to justify the price, especially when $42 can get you a Lorac Pro Palette or close to getting an Urban Decay Naked palette, where you'll get way more shades. I do think these are quality shadows though. The quality isn't in question at all. If you are one of the Votre Vu Brand Ambassadors you can get this palette for $29.40, which is more reasonable in price ($7.35 per shadow).

They do sell re-fills for this shadow palette for $36.00 ($25.20 Brand Ambassador price).

I do like this shadow palette and have been playing with it. I think you can get a complete look with just these four shades, but I find myself liking to pair this with other shadows. The other two shadow palettes they have look pretty, but the Nudes are definitely more my style. If I were to ever get another one of their palettes, I'd probably go for the Copper palette!

Votre Vu - Palette Play
Eye Shadow Round
Shade: Endless Summer

Votre Vu Palette Play Eye Shadow Round Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $19.00 -- $13.30 Brand Ambassador price (0.07 oz full size). Available on the Votre Vu website. For more details on their Brand Ambassador program scroll to the bottom of this post. 
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

Product Info...

This has the same product info listed as what I have up above for their Palette Play Eye Shadow Quad Palette, so just scroll back up and re-read that if you're interested.

My Review...

I'm guessing there will be more shades added, because right now the shade Endless Summer is the only eye shadow single they sell.

Endless Summer is described as reminiscent of the rich, lustrous interior of a French Polynesian sea shell, Votre Vu's shimmery Endless Summer shadow is a taupe-tinged suntan bronze with a mix of both warm and cool tones.

I like this shade a lot, as I think it's a really pretty bronzy neutral taupey brown. It's not incredibly unique but it's certainly worthy of having in your collection if you're into those type of shades. Same texture, performance and pigmentation as the palette quad listed above, so I won't sound like a broken record repeating the same thing over.

Votre Vu Brand Ambassador -- CLICK HERE for more details.
Please Note: I am NOT a Votre Vu Brand Ambassador; I simply want to provide those details for anyone interested.
  • Sign up for as little as $199
  • Receive $400 to $1,000 in top selling products when you sign-up; you get to pick your pak!
  • Always enjoy a 30% discount on all purchases.
  • Every 3rd (and most expensive) item is 50% off retail on every order.
  • Enjoy amazing monthly Brand Ambassador product specials.
  • Receive extra rewards for referring others to become Brand Ambassadors!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this shadow palette? Have you tried this or is this on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.

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