June 29, 2013

Wantable.co Beauty Box - June 2013 - pics, swatches, reviews

Hello, Beautiful!

This is my June 2013 Wantable.co Beauty Box. I get my subscription boxes really late in the month, which is why they're never posted until the end of the month or early the following month. I wanted to make sure I got this post up in June. This box had an almost $100 value, at $97.24 (plus a $25 gift card to Apothederm).

I'm honestly not sure I'm really thrilled with this box; I saw a lot better June boxes out there so I'm still debating if I will return this one or not. I really am only happy about 1 product, maybe 2. The others I could care less for so not sure paying $36 for 1 or 2 products is really worth it (even thought to pay for those 2 items on their own would total $34). I'll have to think about it for a couple days and see if I return this month or not.

If you want to sign up to receive a Wantable.co Beauty Box or Jewelry Box (monthly or one-time purchase) just click here or follow the link below (it's my referral link).

Sign-up link: https://www.wantable.com/invite/wpHSNqQgXOs

It's $36 a month with free shipping, or you can purchase a one-time only box for $40 in case you're not sure you want to fully commit. They have a happiness guarantee - so if for any reason you're not happy you can send it back for a full refund; they even include a pre-paid return label! Plus skip a shipment or cancel anytime. It really is hassle-free and worry-free, so why not try it out for a month or two (I always give subscription services three months before I decide to stay or go). And they have a nice customization survey where you'll Love, Like, Or Dislike products. What's best about that is you'll never receive something you say you Dislike and you're more likely to receive products you say you Love!

Check out what I got in my June 2013 Wantable.co Beauty Box....

Wantable.co Beauty Box - June 2013

Included info stuff...

Shipment Quick Stats:
  • Value of this month's Wantable.co shipment: $97.24 (value is approximate)
  • Total # of Items Received: 6
  • # of eye makeup: 2
  • # of lip makeup: 0
  • # of face makeup: 0
  • # of cheek/bronzer/highlighter makeup: 1
  • # of nail items: 1
  • # of makeup tools: 1
  • # of skincare items: 1

Now I'll break it down, product-by-product...

Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer in Pink Cloud
  • MY THOUGHTS: In last month's box I got a Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer, so I was surprised to see another one again so soon but at least it's in a different color. I do like glitter polishes so I can't really complain about this.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $10.00



FACE Stockholm Cream Highlighter in Dignity
  • MY THOUGHTS: I really wanted to try more products from FACE Stockholm, because I wasn't over the moon about the eyeshadow from last month's box  I wasn't over the moon about this either; maybe the brand isn't that great? The product itself, it's texture, is okay but the color is off for me. It looked gold but swatched more of a silver/white shade, and even when blended out it just didn't go with my skintone. Had it been more gold I think this would of been pretty. If anything, I could use it as an eyeshadow base.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $25.00

Manna Kadar Trans-Fix
  • MY THOUGHTS: This is an eyeshadow to eyeliner transformer, basically taking your eyeshadow and making it into an eyeliner with the clear product. I haven't tried it yet, but I've used these in the past and I just don't reach for them much. I normally reach for my MAC Fix+ or something if I want to transform a shadow, but if I don't end up returning this month's box, I may sell this.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $19.00


Lise Watier Glamour Rose Eyeshadow in Gold
  • MY THOUGHTS: This was probably my favorite product of the entire box. The packaging is pretty and the color was a nice metallic gold. It looked more of a taupe gold in the packaging but was metallic once swatched - even more metallic than the photo shows. Good pigmentation and formula.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $24.00

Cala Travel Retractable Lip Brush
  • MY THOUGHTS: In last month's box I received a Cala brush, and I really didn't like it. Same goes with this one. This is supposed to be a lip brush but the tip is thick, fluffy, and splays. Basically no way to apply lip products in a precise manner - which is the entire point of a lip brush. A lip brush should be smaller and the bristles should be dense -- definitely not fluffy like this one is. A total fail and not worth even the $8.00 value.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $8.00

Apothederm Firming Serum Sample
  • MY THOUGHTS: I haven't opened this sample, but it did include a $25 gift card to Apothederm. I didn't pull it off to see, but I'm almost certain you'll have to spend at least $50 to use the gift card. 
  • VALUE: $11.24 -- Sample is 0.15 oz and the full size is 1 oz @ $75

Let me know what you think...
Did you receive a Wantable.co shipment this month? If so, what are your thoughts on your box? If you don't receive a Wantable.co beauty box yet, click here to sign up! Discuss in the comments below.


  1. I'm thinking of signing up for this box but I'm going to wait for your third review before I pull the trigger. Right now I am with ipsy and Beauty Army. If on July 1 the Beauty Army samples I have to choose from are as awful as they have been the last 8 months or so I'm going to cancel. It is nothing but skin care and I'm not at all interested, but I guess saying so in my profile doesn't matter to them. If with this service they can guarantee I will never get another red lip shade or perfume sample (*cough*Birchbox*cough*) it might be worth it. Thanks for the review, I hope your next month is more to your liking!

  2. @ sunnydee130: If it helps, last month when I got two boxes, here is what I got in my second box: FACE Stockholm Highlighter in Sympathy, FACE Stockholm Mascara, Besame Cosmetics Classic Color Lipstick in Dusty Rose, MiA BelleZZa Polychroamtic Eyeshadow in Mermaid, and Frownies Eye Gels -- all was a $97.48 value.

    I too am waiting on my next box to see if I'm going to continue subscribing or not. I am likely to return this months box just because I really only will use the nail polish and the Lise Watier eyeshadow. The rest I'm like "eh". But I know they are also a newer service, so they will grow with what brands they offer.

    I can say the biggest perk is being able to "dislike" things so you'll never receive them. I can't tell you how nice it is to know I'll never get a red lipstick or perfume :)
    And, you can return the box for a full refund and they have a pre-paid return address label. So it's like you have no risk at all.

    I have been a fan of my ipsy bags so far, but my Beauty Army has let me down a lot. I've skipped many months. I've even changed my profile up to 20 times to try and get different samples, picking different ages, skin tones, hair types, etc. I don't seem to get as many good options.

    Also, look into Beautyfix. For some reason I never get reminders to pick my boxes so I'll completely forget, but you get to pick everything and just about all are full size. It will say the size you're getting and you can research the products ahead of time and pick the best value of your box.

    I recently ordered another Beautyfix box and here is what I got....
    Jonathan Product Finish Control High Shine Flexible Hairspray (full size - $22.00). Guinot Gommage Biologique (0.49 oz size - about $11.62 value). Nick Chavez Caviar Moisturizing Styling Mousse (full size - $20.00). Skylark Sophia Lip Gloss and Ava Lip Gloss (both full size - $29.95). Jane Iredale LipDrink SPF15 (full size - $12.00). Denise Richards Volume Extend by Cristope Finishing Spray (full size - $19.99). Santalia Daily Cleanser (full size - $22.95).

    Value was about $138.51 and the price of the box is $49.99

    I honestly got the box specifically for the Santalia Daily Cleanser - because I love their face mask and spot treatment - and I wanted to try the Skylark lip glosses. I usually go ahead and pick my Beautyfix box when I see products added that I really wanted to try. Since I ordered not even 2 weeks ago some of the products are gone (so I guess they got picked quick) so you just need to keep checking and place your order when you feel you'll get the best value.

  3. Your posts are so complete..perfect!! On Face Stockholm: I want to try their concealer as I've heard it is very good. This brand used to be on Allure/Glamour/etc magazines the whole time back in the early 90's (Yes, I'm that old!(38) LOL). It seems it was the inspiration for the creators of MAC. :)

  4. I am almost definitely certain canceling my Beauty Army account the more I think about it. I have Beauty Fix saved in my bookmarks, but I add so much stuff all the time that its so far down I forget all the time!:O I've liked my ipsy so far. I've only received two, but we'll see. Thanks for letting me know I can return the wantable and skip months. I must have missed that, because at $36 if I know most if just going to sit I'd like my money back. With wantable and beauty fix being more than the average 10 dollar subscriptions its harder to want to commit, but maybe to get the quality and products you'll use it makes more sense.

  5. @ sunnydee130: Yeah, I also have a really hard time committing to subscription services over $10 or $12 each, but at the same time it adds up to get a bunch of $10 or $12 subscriptions that aren't cutting it. I don't know if you subscribe to it already, but Beauty Bar's Sample Society is a good one. It is $15 a month, but I've been mostly happy with it - especially compared to Beauty Army. If you want to make the switch for a few bucks more, I'd suggest that service.


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