June 12, 2013

BlingGuard BlingWraps & BlingDots - pics, review

Hello, Beautiful!

Have you ever gotten frustrated because your rings kept slipping off or turning around? Or how about your earrings pulling down? Want an easy way to fix that? Try BlingGuard! They offer BlingWraps (invisible ring guards) and BlingDots (earring supports and stabilizers). I even have a giveaway where you can win both these products - check back later for that! Read my full review and all the info on these products after the photos.

BlingGuard BlingWraps

BlingGuard BlingDots

BlingGuard BlingWraps & BlingDots Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $14.99 (for 30 disposable ring guards, or for 45 disposable pairs - that's 90 individual dots - for your earrings). Available on the BlingGuard website and on the HSN website.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Whether he's put a ring on it or you've treated yourself to a gorgeous gift, keep your stunning stones on top, and stop them from turning, twisting or slipping off your finger with these easy-to-use, disposable ring size adjusters.

The hypoallergenic, latex-free band adds 1+ ring sizes to your finger and forms an invisible "padlock" to hold rings in place.

One BlingGuard BlingWraps container comes with 30 disposable bands.

Easy to apply, these discreet and disposable backs relieve the weight and pressure of your earrings, lifting them up on the ear lobe and positioning them perfectly!

BlingDots also work with clip-on earrings and your favorite pins, brooches and badges.

One BlingGuard BlingDots container comes with 45 pairs (90 individual dots).

Review on both:
I personally have problems with rings turning around - not all my rings, but some of them do it and I avoid wearing them because they're just annoying. I used the BlingWraps and it held them in place. Now it may not work with every single style ring you have - for example, you may still see the BlingWraps under it if the ring band is thinner than the BlingWraps band - but it's still clear so unless you're really looking you're not going to notice it. It's not an every-day solution either; but a use-on-special occasions solution (at least, for me).

I don't have pierced ears, and don't wear clip-on's, so I wasn't able to personally test drive the BlingDots but pretty much everyone I know so I divided up the pack to a few friends and had them test drive the BlingDots - they ALL came back with rave reviews saying how it helps relieve the weight when they wear heavy or larger earrings and it helps them stay in place and not droop down.

Overall, I think these are excellent products to aid in how your jewelry wears on special nights out. I'd recommend giving these a try if you've ever run into any of the issues BlingGuard can solve!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these products? Have you tried them or are they are your wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. OMG I need some Blingdots in my life! I just got a really cool pair of collar pins but they kept turning downwards so I couldn't wear them for graduation T_T I don't think I've seen any of these being sold in Malaysia though >_<

  2. Great review!
    Check out my new post!

  3. Me parecen muy prácticos! besos

  4. Ooo I could really use those BlingWraps. My knuckles are bigger than my fingers so my rings turn ALL THE TIME and I HATE it!


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