June 14, 2013

Milani Color Statement Lipliner - all 8 shades - pics, swatches, review

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To go along perfectly with your Milani Color Statement Lipsticks, use the Milani Color Statement Lipliners. Available in 8 shades, 2 shades going to each of the 4 color groups to find a perfect companion to your favorite Milani Color Statement Lipstick. In this post I'll show you all 8 shades. Check out all the product info and my full review after the pics.

Milani - Color Statement Lipliner
Shades: 02 True Red, 03 Nude, 04 All Natural, 05 Haute Pink, 07 Brandy, 08 Fuchsia, 09 Spice, 10 Cocoa

Milani - Color Statement Lipliner
Shade: 02 True Red

Milani - Color Statement Lipliner
Shade: 03 Nude

Milani - Color Statement Lipliner
Shade: 04 All Natural

Milani - Color Statement Lipliner
Shade: 05 Haute Pink

Milani - Color Statement Lipliner
Shade: 07 Brandy

Milani - Color Statement Lipliner
Shade: 08 Fuchsia

Milani - Color Statement Lipliner
Shade: 09 Spice

Milani - Color Statement Lipliner
Shade: 10 Cocoa

Milani Color Statement Lipliner Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $3.99 (0.04 oz full size). Available on the Milani Cosmetics website, as well as drugstores nationwide, like CVS and Walgreens. You can also find Milani at Target, Drugstore.com, and Kmart (to name a few)
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Make a statement without saying a word! True Instant Color. Satin color in one stroke application. This next generation lipliner is long-wearing, easy-glide formula to line and fill-in your lips. Paraben-free.

Available in 8 shades; 2 shades per each of the four color groups to perfectly match the Milani Color Statement Lipstick. They all have a cream finish.

Shades 02 True Red and 03 Nude go with the Oranges & Reds.
Shades 04 All Naturals and 05 Haute Pink go with the Pinks & Corals.
Shades 07 Brandy and 08 Fuchsia go with the Plums & Berries.
Shades 09 Spice and 10 Cocoa go with the Naturals & Browns.

Of course you can mix and match as you see fit; I think the 03 Nude shade would go well with a lot of the Naturals & Browns shades. I also think the 08 Fuchsia would go well with some of the Pinks & Corals shades.

These lipliners go on creamy and richly pigmented; some of the best drugstore brand lipliners I've ever used - which can sometimes be very dry or tug when you apply. These glide on your lips beautifully.

Whenever I use a lipliner I always completely fill in my lips after I outline them. I think only outlining your lips is a bit dated and something that isn't really flattering at all. Plus, filling in your lips is going to give you a fuller color base and help your lipstick hold even better.

Another great use for lipliner is to fill in lips completely and simply top with a clear gloss or a sheer shimmery gloss.

Pick up a shade or two to pair with your Milani Color Statement Lipsticks, and other lipsticks you own.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these lipliners? Which shade is your favorite? Have you tried these or are they on your wishlist? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. El número 08 es precioso! besos

  2. Nude is such a pretty shade, and I think Spice would be perfect in the Fall!


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