June 25, 2013

Emani How 2B Guide in Rebel - pics, swatches, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I've recently tried out a new-to-me brand, Emani. To get a feel for the brand I tired one of their How 2B Guides - which I have in Rebel. Available in four different How 2B Guides, which I'll list below, these are $28 each and include all full sized products. The Rebel How 2B Guide includes 3 Crushed Minerals Color Dusts (eye shadows) - which are far prettier in person than in photos - Magic Sealer, and a Brow/Liner Brush. Check out my full review and all the product info after the pics.

Emani How 2B Guide in Rebel
Includes: Three Crushed Minerals Color Dust in shades 117 Smoke Out, 111 Goldfinger, and 825 Kryptonite. Also includes the Magic Sealer and Brow/Liner Brush B5



Emani How 2B Guide in Rebel Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $28.00 (per boxed set). Available on the Emani website.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

Invent the look that suits your mood with any of Emani's "How 2B Guides"! From Day Diva to Rebel, you'll easily transform into a chic professional or sassy socialite any day of the week. Each guide contains simple how-to steps and all the tools you'll need to express yourself!

There are four How 2B Guides available on the Emani website: Rebel (which is what I have), Brown Brow, Blonde Brow, and Day Diva. One thing currently not listed on their website is exactly what comes in each of these boxed kits. The Brown Brow and Blonde Brow How 2B Guides say on the box that they are a 5-Min Brow & Eye Kit. Where as I believe the Day Diva is more like the Rebel in what products you receive, just different shades. I can't speak on what is included in the other How 2B guides, but I will discuss the Rebel How 2B Guide.

In the Rebel How 2B Guide you'll receive three Crushed Minerals Color Dusts - which, if purchased separately, are $10.50 each. Right there you're already getting a deal because the price of the entire boxed set is less than if you purchased three of the Crushed Minerals Color Dusts on their own. You'll also receive the Magic Sealer - which is $14 on its own - and also the Brow/Liner Brush B5 - which I couldn't find on the website for individual sale. Still, just the 3 shadows and the Magic Sealer would be $45.50 if purchased separately, so why not save some money and get the How 2B Guide!

Now I'll do individual product info and reviews....

Crushed Minerals Color Dust
100% pure mineral pigments for eyes, lips or face made completely free of talc or fillers. Apply wet or dry.

I found these to be way, way, way prettier in person than what my camera could capture. The sparkle just doesn't pick up in the photos. Trust me when I say the shade Smoke Out and Goldfinger have gorgeous sparkle in real life. The shade Kryptonite also has some shimmer to it, but is more metallic and not as shimmery as the other two shades.

I found them to have really nice pigmentation on their own - but of course if you apply over an eyeshadow primer - or apply wet - you'll get a more intense color pay off. You can also apply them over the Emani Magic Sealer - which I have an example of how the colors look in a photo above.

These blend beautifully too and last all day. I really liked these shadows and would definitely love to try more shades. Currently there are 58 shades available on the Emani website. I have my eye on shades Charade, Starlight, Love or Lust, Birthday Suit, White Gold, Debutant, and Dancing Queen.

Magic Sealer
Uniquely formulated to neutralize the oils that accumulate on your eyelids, while locking your eyeshadow down.

This is a clear liquid product that you could use as an eyeshadow primer/base, or as an eyeshadow transformer - making eyeshadows (pressed or loose) into a liquid-like eyeliner. If you want to use this for making shadows into an eyeliner, I recommend applying this directly to an eye liner brush, then dipping the brush into the shadow and apply as liner.

I found it made the colors stand out even more, and did hold them in place once it was fully set. I liked this product, but I found that it did sometimes leak out of the packaging after I had opened it; I guess maybe because it is so liquid-y, so I recommend storing this up right or leaving it sit up right for a little before you store this away. This is a nice product and I'd recommend giving it a try.

Brow/Liner Brush B5
I couldn't find this brush on their website, but I'm assuming - just like their other brushes they offer - that this is vegan. The brush hairs were a bit splayed, but I can always cut those strays and it works just fine.

Overall thoughts...
I really liked this kit. I love the shadows the most - I've been in love with the shade Smoke Out - and would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to try the brand Emani. It gives you a feel for their products, their quality, and I feel it is a good value as well.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this How 2B Guide? What shade of the shadows do you like best? Have you tried Emani or would you like to now that you've seen this post? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. I just bought these in 4 shades: Goldfinger, Sand, Roller Queen & Extra TLC. Swatched on my hand, they are shimmery and so GORGEOUS!!! Going to try them as eyeshadows and wlll let you know what I think.

  2. @ Anonymous: Would love to hear your thoughts!!


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