June 21, 2013

Pur Minerals CC Cream in Medium - pics, before & after, swatches, review

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By now I think most of us have tried or at least looked into a BB cream, but have you tried or looked into a CC cream yet? I haven't tried out too many, but of course as a beauty blogger I like to try out new products and formulations. I recently test drove the Pur Minerals CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40 in the shade Medium (four shades are available). The Pur Minerals CC Cream is your moisturizer, brighter, primer, concealer and SPF foundation all rolled into one. Read my full review and all the info on this CC cream after the pics.

Pur Minerals CC Cream
Broad Spectrum SPF 40
Shade: Medium



Pur Minerals CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $38.00 (1.5 oz full size). Available on the Pur Minerals website, at Ulta, at Dermstore, and everywhere else Pur Minerals is sold.
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

Pur Minerals CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40 is your multitasking moisturizer, brightner, primer, concealer, and SPF foundation all in one. More than just another beauty balm (BB Cream), CC Cream with SPF 40 protects, corrects and perfects the skin's appearance with clinically advanced plant-based ingredients, like Dermapur HP - a clarifying corrective from meadowsweet, and Clariskin II - a brightening powerhouse from wheat germ. Oil-free and Paraben-free.

Ideal for all skin types and concerns, this silicone-free formula works to erase brown spots, blemishes and fine lines from sight while balancing uneven skin tone.

Available in four shades: Light, Medium, Tan and Dark. I chose the shade Medium, which works well for me. I have read that some fair complected women find the Light shade a bit too dark for them, so if you are vary fair skin toned this may not work for you.

One thing I want to mention about this product: there is wheat germ in the ingredients, so if you have a gluten allergy you may want to contact your doctor first or skip this all together. Pur Minerals says if the product is applied topically it is considered gluten-safe, however, if your allergy is severe they recommend avoiding this product all together.

BB creams were never really my thing; I've tried them out and I can appreciate them for what they are but I could never wear them out on their own. Still, because I have some (mostly sample sizes from monthly beauty box subscriptions), I try to use them up on days I don't leave the house or wear them as primer under makeup. When CC creams started to become all the rage I at first ignored them, but quickly became intrigued because I kept reading they offered more coverage than a BB cream - and more coverage is what I need/want.

I like medium to full coverage foundations - the fuller the coverage the better - and even though this has decent coverage for the type of product it is, this still doesn't give me the coverage I prefer to feel comfortable wearing it alone. It offers sheer to light coverage, and you could build it up in layers. With that being said, I do think it gives enough coverage for people with normal to good skin. If you just have redness and some uneven skintone I think this CC cream would be all you need to look fresh faced and flawless. It gives your skin a natural matte finish (don't mind the "after" photos from above which make my skin look shiny - it dried down after I took those photos). You could always set it with a powder foundation to get some extra coverage, or pair with a concealer if you really only need a little something more to make it look flawless.

I personally have been loving this as a primer. It looks undetectable on the skin - it just melts right in (I apply it with my clean fingers). It helps to even out my skintone a bit so my foundation seems to look more flawless as well. It seems to also make my foundation last all day, even though this isn't a primer -- or maybe I just had really good makeup days on the days I've used this as a primer - but so far, everytime I've used this under my foundation I've noticed my makeup stays like it would with a primer, if not even longer.

This CC cream is completely oil-free and works to regulate your skin's oil production with the Pur Minerals Derma-pur active. I have oily skin, although it's been leaning more on the combo side lately - and after about 4 hours I could notice my t-zone was shiny (when I had this on by itself), so if I did wear this on its own I would need to set it with some sort of powder (but us oily girls are pretty used to that already).

I also like there is an SPF 40 in this - which is great for the summer. This is something I would absolutely wear to the pool to get SPF and also some coverage without looking over done.

Overall, I think I do like CC creams more than BB creams but I don't think they'll ever replace a foundation for me. I do think this is a nice product and I would recommend this to you if you're on the market to try a CC cream. Maybe stop by your local Ulta (if you have one near you) and test it out, even ask for a sample, just to see if a CC cream is right for you.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this CC cream? Have you tried this or is this on your wish list? What do you think of CC creams in general - do you use one? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. Great review! I really want to try because I love the fact it has spf 40 so I don't have to worry about it separately (I'm super pale so for a hot day I would always go for sth like 40 or even 50). I used a foundation finder by ps beauty (it's really good and I totally recommend it - http://www.beauty.ps/tool/foundation). They recommended that I try the clinique cc cream but the one you've just reviewed has better spf so I'm as yet undecided.. Has anyone tried both these cc creams? Sammy xx

  2. It lists Shea butter as an ingredient, does that mean its not oil free?


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