August 1, 2011

More Mally swatches coming, my Blog Sale, and a Mally Mini-Giveaway!!

Hello, Beautiful!

I just wanted to let you know that more Mally swatches are coming! I have no idea where the last week of July went, but that was when I originally planned to complete all my Mally swatch posts. I will continue to post Mally products over the next two weeks, mixed in with other posts that I have planned. I have 11 more different types of Mally products I need to post about, including her new 24/7 Lip Magnifiers (2 shades to swatch), High Shine Liquid Lipsticks (5 shades to swatch), Cancellation Concealer System, Poreless Perfection Skin Finisher (original and tinted Medium), Ultimate Performance Full Coverage Foundation, Water Resistant Cancellation Conditioning Concealer, Blush Singles (2 shades to swatch), Eye Amplifying Shadow Liner, 24/7 Illuminating Blush, another shade of her Evercolor Automatic Waterproof Eyeliner, and her ever popular Volumizing Mascara.

My Blog Sale Is Coming!!
The need for my own money has really pushed me to get my blog sale up ASAP! I am currently working on finalizing all the items for the sale, taking photos and getting all that up and to my website (the blog sale will be on

I hope to have the blog sale complete and ready to take orders within the next 1 to 2 weeks!! Yay!!

At this point I just want the items out of my makeup drawers and out of my house. I need to make room so don't be surprised when you see super low prices. It's not a typo, it's just that I'd rather get a little something for my items than to have them tossed out or given away for free (If I didn't need money I would just give them away for free - but I'll be honest, I need money, haha!).

Keep an eye out for my blog sale announcement! It IS coming soon! That's a promise!

And that brings me to my Mally Giveaway...

This is going to be a mini-giveaway, but it's still a giveaway and hopefully you'll still be excited to win this prize!

You can win a full-sized tube of Mally's Volumizing Mascara in Black!

I recently purchased another Mally kit from QVC, giving me another two tubes of Mally's mascara. I'm going to keep one as an extra spare but the other I'm giving away to one of you! It will be brand new, never used/never opened, and full sized.

One tube sells by itself on QVC for $20 and a two-pack sells for $28.

My giveaway will launch soon!

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