August 25, 2011

Benefit They're Real! Mascara - before & after pics, swatches, review

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I've been a hardcore Mally Volumizing Mascara user for the past year, hardly touching any other mascara but hers (I previously used Make Up For Ever's Smoky Lash for the longest time), but I was intrigued when I saw Benefit's They're Real! Mascara. For some reason I had to try it out. Did I like it? Find out below!

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review...

Benefit They're Real! Mascara
Shade: black
Shade Description: A rich black.



My Before & After Pics:

Basic stats for Benefit's They're Real! Mascara:
Formula: mascara... again, I never really know how to describe a mascara formula; a cream I guess.
Coverage: full coverage
Wear: average wear for mascara (which for me is all day)
Shade Range: Just available in this black shade
Container: mascara tube; twist off lid with mascara wand; see pics for all the wand details
Cost: $22
Availability: Purchase on Benefit's website and on Sephora's website.
My Rating: 4 out of 5

This mascara is designed to lengthen, curl, volumize, life and separate your lashes. The precision bristles on the brush help that happen. It's supposed to be clump-free, smudge free and won't dry out.

Full coverage; every lash gets coated - and when I say coated, I mean coated!

This mascara is average wear for me, which means all day. I never have problems with mascara going away. This mascara will last until you take it off, and even then it may last. You'll really need a good eye makeup remover to make sure it all comes off the lashes because this mascara does a good job at coating lashes.

Shade Range:
Only available in this rich, black shade - which is the only shade I believe anyone needs to own!

A mascara tube with mascara wand. The tube shape slightly reminds me of a martini shaker. The wand is different from others I have. Check out the wand details in the pics above for close-ups.

This mascara costs $22 per tube and can be found on Benefit's website and on Sephora's website.

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review:
Okay, so as I mentioned at the start of this post I really have only been using Mally's Volumizing Mascara -- which I'm in love with. I never thought I'd even try another mascara but I was really intrigued and had to at least test it out or I knew it would always linger in my mind.

I have to admit that I like the final results -- my lashes definitely have that va-va-voom quality to them -- but I'm not as huge of a fan of the formula/application. The first coat went on perfect - smooth and clump-free, but it was the second coat where my lashes started to go weird. They became too thick and spider-like and clumpy. I had to really work the wand to get my lashes to how they look in the photos above.

The wand itself is rather hard and wasn't the most comfortable on my lashes, but still tolerable. The final result is supposed to be "silky lashes" according to what Benefit says, but I find that to be completely false. My lashes aren't even close to silky, but they're not super stiff either. Regardless, I don't really care if my lashes are silky or stiff because I'm not petting my lashes; I just want them to look amazing and this mascara delivers on that.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely! I think this is a great choice for a va-va-voom mascara. Will I repurchase this for myself? Eh, I'm still on the fence. I like it but I'm not sure I love it yet. I'll have to give it a good month before I make up my mind. For now I'll rotate between this mascara and Mally's mascara.

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Do you own this mascara? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, is this a mascara you'd want to try out? Leave me a comment below or send me an email! I try to answer all questions in the comments section and by email. I hope to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Hey Crystal, I actually have started using this exact mascara some months ago, and at first I didn't like it for those same reasons you mentioned; the formula clumping and turning your lashes all weird after the first coat. But after using it more and more, I love it now. I think it definitely takes some wiggle to the wand and practice to get the lashes to look the way yours look in the picture, because I am terrible at applying mascara! But to me it feels like a better mascara overall than most other brands I've tried. Was always a fan of Lancôme, and I still am, I've tried hypnose drama, doll lashes, definicils, and still I think They're Real is at the top!


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