December 13, 2013

Just reduced prices on almost everything in my blog sale!!!

Hello, Beautiful!

With the holidays here I know it's hard to think about spending money on yourself when it's a time to give to others. So I'm making it a little easier to splurge on yourself by reducing prices on 98% of all items in my blog sale (some items weren't marked down because they were already $0.10 or $0.25 each).

Those that follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were alerted of my price reductions yesterday evening, so make sure you follow me on social media outlets for extra perks. Such as right now I have an Instagram giveaway (USA only) and will have a few more coming up! I'm not really on Facebook or Twitter much at all, but I'm obsessed with Instagram! It's where I post a lot of great swatches, before & after looks, my monthly subscription boxes, and more!

CLICK HERE to go directly to my blog sale page, or copy/paste the link below, or click on the Blog Sale tab above and follow that link.

Thanks for taking the time to look! :)

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