December 15, 2013

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics - The One Stick in Southern Belle: pics, swatches, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I have another new product from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics to share with you in this post, it's their new The One Stick. Since I know a lot of you received one of these in your December Ipsy bag - myself included (I received the shade Girl Crush - which I posted a pic of my Ipsy bag on Instagram) - that I would go ahead and do a review post and show how this looks as a blush or on the lips (could use as an eyeshadow too, and even a highlight depending on the shade). Check out my full review, including all the product info, after the pics!

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics
The One Stick
Shade: Southern Belle

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics The One Stick Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $16.00 (0.26 oz full size). Available on the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics website
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

An all-in-one multiple stick with a smooth texture. Apply to eyelids, cheeks or lips for the perfect pop of color anywhere!

Currently available in 7 shades. I have two shades - Southern Belle (which is the shade featured in this blog post), and the shade Girl Crush (which I received in my December Ipsy bag).

I'll list the shade names and their descriptions below:
  • Southern Belle: Coral - a warm coral with light shimmer
  • Girl Crush: Light Pink - a pearlescent light pink
  • Buckwild: Copper - a shimmery copper with gold undertones
  • Flustered: Bright Pink - a warm bright pink
  • Plum Crazy: Purple - a bright pinkish purple
  • Sunset: Coral - a deep coral with light shimmer
  • You Glow Girl: White - a shimmering white

I find this product to be very pigmented and also very creamy & soft, so you need to be careful with how you apply this as a blush or you could easily over do it - a little will go a long way. It does blend out really nice and makes a softer shade.

On the lips the shade Southern Belle is a pretty color, but the texture felt a bit odd on my lips. It almost felt gritty and like it was a bit greasy or had some slip to it. I honestly don't use any kind of multiple sticks on my lips because I'm rarely a fan of the way it feels. I guess if you're in a pinch you could use this on the lips but if you have other products that are more cushiony, smooth and hydrating on the lips I'd recommend that instead.

On the cheeks, this is really pretty - although, for me personally, I don't really wear cream blush. Depending on the shade you buy, you could use this product as a highlighter, bronzer, and eyeshadow in addition to using on the cheeks as blush, or on the lips for lip color.

On a side note, when I opened this it had little black particles on the top of it - which you can see in the one photo above. I know this is just a fluke and something that was very easily remedied, but I still wanted to mention it because I like to give a full and honest review.

The One Stick is very similar to a NARS Multiple, where you can use this for blush, eyes, lips, highlight, bronze, etc. depending on the shade you choose. I'd say there are some dupe, or close dupe, shades within the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics The One Sticks (compared to the NARS Multiples). Without doing any swatching, just based on shade descriptions and photos, here are my suggestions of what seems close or close-enough...

If you want to try the NARS Multiple in Undress Me, try The One Stick in Girl Crush
If you want to try the NARS Multiple in Portofino or Orgasm, try The One Stick in Southern Belle
If you want to try the NARS Multiple in Riveria or Maui, try The One Stick in Flustered
If you want to try the NARS Multiple in Laguna or Palm Beach, try The One Stick in Buckwild
If you want to try the NARS Multiple in Copacabana, try The One Stick in You Glow Girl

I also want to point out that while the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics The One Stick is $16 and the NARS Multiple is $36, the NARS Multiple also includes a almost twice as much product. If The One Stick was the same size as the NARS (0.50 oz, verses 0.26 oz), it would be priced around $30 to $32, so it really is just slightly cheaper than the NARS multiple when you look at it that way.

Overall, I think this is a great alternative to the NARS Multiple as well as nice product all on its own. If you're into cream products - especially if you like cream blush - or if you like the convenience of being able to use one product for multiple areas, then you need to check out the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics The One Stick!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this product? Have you tried this or is this on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.

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