January 25, 2013

My Makeup Collection & Organization: pics & video!

Hello, Beautiful!

A few days ago I uploaded a video on my "office", a.k.a. my makeup/beauty room. I said I would do a separate post on my makeup collection, nail polish collection, hair care, skin care, etc. In this post I'll cover just my makeup collection.

I've been meaning to put together a collection/organization post for a very long time, so after a recent purge of products I thought it was a great time to do this. For those that like to know, at the end of this post I've listed and linked to where you can find the storage/organization solutions I use for my makeup.

I just uploaded a video of my makeup collection, but I went through it as quick as I could so scroll below to view drawer by drawer.

DISCLAIMER: I guess a disclaimer is necessary (although I hate even having to explain myself for what I have and how I keep things). I want to start off by saying I'm not wealthy, but I'm not dirt poor either; I'm comfortable. As long as my bills are paid, and my son is taken care of, what I spend the rest of my money on is really nobody's business. I'm also lucky enough to have a room in my home to contain my beauty obsession, and I take very good care of everything. My blog is my "job", even though I don't make any money from it; but I take my blog very seriously so my makeup room is basically my office. Please keep in mind that while yes, I have a lot of stuff, it wasn't acquired all at once. But there's always someone that wants to complain about how much stuff someone has, how wasteful it is to have so much, or how much money it takes to get all that stuff. Keep in mind I use makeup every single day; if not on myself, for tutorials, swatching, or doing someone else's makeup. I'm constantly making samples for friends, doing makeovers, or letting my nieces pick some things out. I will blog sale some items, but I also donate and giveaway items too. I also take old makeup (that can't be donated or sold) and create art with it (something I will eventually show on my blog). And while yes, the majority of the items were purchased with my own money (or gifts from friends/family), there are some items that were sent to me from companies for consideration. Yes, I have a lot of makeup; I know this, and to some it is very excessive; I totally get that, but please don't spread hate on my blog, my YouTube channel, or anywhere else for that matter. Makeup (all beauty products, for that matter), is my obsession and the one thing I spend money on. I don't smoke or drink, I don't buy designer purses or shoes, I don't buy the latest electronics or iPhone/iPad, and I don't spend a lot of money on clothes. I buy makeup, nail polish, and other beauty goodies because that's what makes ME happy. This is my passion and I'm proud of it. Good or bad thoughts, this is my collection post....

This is my Makeup Collection & Organization
January 2013

I will show you drawer-by-drawer what I have and how I store it. Scroll to the end of the post for more details on where to find these storage/organization solutions. If you have any questions leave them in the comments or send me an email. Enjoy!














































I store all my makeup in clear Sterilite drawers. They were originally purchased as the 7-drawer rolling cart. I had many of them from when I had my web store (I used them to store inventory; probably had about 20 of them). I paid between $15 and $25 per 7-drawer rolling cart, depending on where I purchased them from   and any discounts I may have used. Now a-days the average price is about $25 to $30 per 7-drawer rolling cart. I purchased mine at Wal-Mart and Big Lots. Since I had so many I was about to customize them to fit my storage needs. I pulled them apart and re-configured them into perfect sized drawers. I like using them because I can add onto the carts as needed, adding more rows of carts or building them up higher with more drawers. It may not be the most pretty storage solution, but it works really well for me at this time. They also come with wheels you can put on the bottom, which I like to use so I can move them as needed (I have hardwood floors in my beauty room so it rolls really easily).

Inside the drawers I use a couple different things...

I found 3-compartment drawer organizers at Wal-Mart for I believe $2.25 a piece. There were 7 there, so I bought them all. Then I went to my local Wal-Mart to find more and they didn't have any. I went to three more Wal-Marts with no luck on finding more. I looked on their website and couldn't find them either, but they look similar to this one from the Organize-It website. Target also has the exact same 3-compartment drawer organizer that I found at Wal-Mart, but Target wants $3.69 each, so definitely check Wal-Mart first (it was in the closet organization department, near the laundry basket stuff).

I also re-use my old Birchbox and Beauty Bar boxes to keep things tidy. It's a great re-use for them!

For the lipstick/lipgloss organizers they are the 60-compartment lipstick organizer. You can find these online anywhere from around $25 and up to over $60 each, plus shipping. But you can get them for just $12.50 each if you purchase them from Azar Displays. The shipping isn't cheap, so I highly recommend you buy everything you want in one single purchase. I wasn't sure what I wanted to use so I made a first purchase to try some things. I had purchased two 60-compartment lipstick organizers which are $12.50 each, one 72-compartment organizer for $12.50 - which worked for most lip glosses, but not thicker or square glosses - and three plastic 84-hole organizers that were $1.50 each, which turned out to be really flimsy but worked for thin glosses and mini's. After testing them all out, I realized the 60-compartment lipstick organizers worked best for all my lip products. The 72-compartment organizer was sturdy, but too long to fit into the drawers so I'll probably blog sale it for someone who could use it on their counter top or on a shelf (tip: it can work as a brush holder). So once I knew what I liked best, and exactly how much I needed, I made a second order to get everything else I wanted, which included some smaller lipstick organizers that have 36 compartments - which were $6.80 each (I use them for lip balm and tinted lip balms). I also purchased my spinning brush holder, which I'll talk about next...

On my desk I have the 9-cup spinning brush holder (which is technically 10 cup, if you could the middle). I also purchased this from Azar Displays for $29.50. It was a bit pricey for what it is, but I really like it and I'm glad I made the purchase. They do have a smaller, 6-cup spinning brush holder (mind you, this isn't listed as a brush holder but that's what I used it as), for $23.50 - but I thought the extra $6 was worth it for more storage options.

Also on my desk I have another drawer organizer that I found at Wal-Mart; which I also didn't see on their website. It's too wide to fit in the drawers, but I wanted it for my desk for everyday things. It was around $7 or so. Makes it easy to get what I need everyday and I use the middle compartment to put brushes that I need to clean. Target also sells the same organizer, but charges around $9 for it.

The desk itself is something I purchased from Big Lots a long time ago. It's a computer desk and the pink top can be changed around to the other side if you wanted a blue top. I've used it as a computer desk but like it for my makeup table because it's small enough that I won't leave my makeup out all over, but big enough for me to work on. I believe it was around $40 or $50. The chair is from Ikea; I really don't remember the name or price, as I purchased it at least 4 or so years ago (I think it may have been around $20). The 3-way mirror on my desk was a random find at Big-Lots. It was in the clearance section for just $8. I don't remember what brand my other mirror is (the round, 2-sided mirror) but I know I found it at TJ Maxx for around $15. The hair appliance holder attached to the side of my desk is something I'll get into more when I do my hair care collection post, but I can tell you I found it at TJ Maxx for $12.


  1. WOW.. you have a lots of make up.. >.<
    I envy with u.. lol
    and all of the was so organized..
    Do you use all of them?

    Me, MySelf and I

  2. I'm so jealous of all your shizzle it's so well organized too!

  3. I love that this is so organized!! I like your disclaimer, though I hate that you had to put it. Any one of us bloggers could get hate because of our stashes, so I'm glad you had the courage to show yours. Now, I wish that I knew more about makeup because I don't know how to use half of that stuff but I know it'd be fun!! Loved this post :D

  4. @ piedev: I use just about everything; there are some items I haven't gotten to yet but I can say that everything gets at least swatch/tested once and if I don't use it, I will use it on someone else. I hate seeing items go to waste!

    @ Polish Playground: Yes, I hate that people get hate about their collections - be in makeup, nails, hair, shoes, purses, clothes, etc. Someone is always going to say something and it's ashame. I don't even respond to it. Like I had a comment on my Beauty Room Tour video with someone asking why in the world I would need that many nail polishes... It doesn't even deserve a reply. Although I was tempted to reply "blah, blah, blah... blah, blah, blah, blah" lol because that's pretty much all I hear when someone starts up something stupid like that.

  5. Some people pay thousands of dollars for racing cars, horses, designer clothes or bad things like smoking. So why should we be embarrased for our hobby? I don't get that... I totally agree with you. As long as my kids get what they need and even more, I can pay my bills and so on - I buy what I want. I love my collection even though it is not nearly as big as your lovely collection. That is what I like to do with the money I have worked so hard for. :-) Thank's a lot for showing us!

  6. Gorgeous collection! Seeing your storage gave me the idea to repurpose my Birchbox boxes to organize my single eye shadows.

  7. Amazing post! Your collection is so organized! x


  8. I read your 'Disclaimer' at the top, and honestly I think it is sad that something like that is even needed...

    Your Collection is AMAZING and it is clearly your passion, so enjoy! Just know there are millions of woman out there who are extremely jealous (me included).

  9. @ Anonymous: I agree, I hate even saying a disclaimer, but honestly when I originally posted the first post about my nail polish shelves, collection and storage/organization there was a back lash about how "wasteful", or how much money I spend, blah blah blah. It was on many forums of people saying how over the top, etc. it was. Not that I specifically looked for those forums - it just showed up on my blog feed as to where some traffic was coming from.
    I know my blog followers won't judge me; you're all awesome; it's there for those that don't follow me and judge people without even knowing much about them.

  10. Jaw dropping! It's amazing! I am jealous!

  11. A visit to your beauty room would be more helpful than going to Sephora, Ulta, etc! Great blog; the before and after photos are very helpful!

  12. wow wow and wow some more!! what an amazing collection...i would LOVE to have it all

  13. New collection post and video coming soon!! :)


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