April 19, 2011

A sampling of the new website...

Hello, Beautiful!

Even though the new ValentineKisses.com is not quite ready, I do have a few preview pages I'd like to share with you.

Click on a link below to check out an example of what you can expect on the new ValentineKisses.com.

April's Birchbox shipment

Tarte Swatches main page

Tarte Reviews main page

Tarte Tutorials main page

Contests & Giveaways main page

Nail Art main page

That's all for now :)

I hope you enjoyed your preview and will look forward to when the full site launches!

On a side note...
Today (Tuesday) I am officially finished packing and shipping orders! It doesn't feel real yet that it's all really over; I feel like I'll have more orders to pack up tomorrow. But I'm really relieved I can begin to get my life back.

Over the weekend I finally had time to rearrange, clean and organize my living room... something that hasn't been done in nearly 2 months! It was a train wreck before Sunday. The rest of my house, however, is still a wild crazy mess.

The good thing is I will have a bunch of organization towers to use since I no longer will need them for my inventory. I mostly used (although not only used) those tall Steri-lite 7-drawer units to store all inventory for ValentineKisses.com. I have between 15 and 20 of them I can now re-purpose for organizing my son's toys, adding additional storage for makeup, jewelry, hair accessories, and just about anything else I can stuff in them!

I'm also excited to get back into pole dancing for fitness, something I used to do on a regular basis before I injured my leg (from pole dancing) over 3 years ago. I'm putting the pole back up and will slowly get back into it. I'm not rushing any crazy moves; not just because I need to build my strength and flexibility back up but also because I don't want to risk bumping my nose! I'll need to wait until at least September or October before I can attempt most moves.

Do any of my readers pole dance for fitness, or have thought about it? I was seriously OBSESSED with it. I even put off getting pregnant again so I could continue to pole dance... although looking back I wish I hadn't. If I had only known I would face fertility issues later down the road I would have gotten pregnant again years ago! Now having a baby is what I want more than anything, and I know in time it will happen. My goal is to be pregnant within a year.

Anyhow, it's late (12:19am here), and I'm super tired. Until next time...

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