April 23, 2011

Philosophy Microdelivery One-Minute Purifying Enzyme Peel

Hello, Beautiful!

I think I may be addicted to at-home peels and masks. I don't like spas, so everything for my skin has to be done at-home. I've grown quite the collection and could probably do a peel/mask per day for the next year and not need to buy any new products (okay, maybe not that frequently, but you get the drift).

One of my most recent peel purchases was the Philosophy Microdelivery One-Minute Purifying Enzyme Peel.

I had read the reviews on Sephora and QVC, both of which were very positive. Most peels and masks take anywhere fro 10 to 30 minutes, but Philosophy is great because they make some of the fastest at-home peels/masks (I have their Microdelivery Peel and their Oxygen Peel - both of which take about 5 minutes). But the thought of a one-minute peel really caught my attention, especially with all the amazing reviews.

When I received it in the mail I just kind of put it aside for a few days, but then it was time to do a peel and I reached for it. Even though it's called the "One-Minute" peel, it says to leave it on for 1 to 3 minutes, as tolerated. I tend to leave things on for the maximum amount of time they suggest (and sometimes even slightly longer) to get the most benefits.

Here's what I did the first time I used this:

  1. I washed my face to start with a clean surface (using my Clarisonic and DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser)
  2. I applied the Philosophy Microdelivery One-Minute Purifying Enzyme Peel to my face. It doesn't look like it's even on there; it goes on very clear. The consistency is a jelly-like product. You only need a thin layer.
  3. I waited 4 minutes. During this time I couldn't see anything working, or really feel anything going on, so it really felt like it was doing nothing.
  4. But then I washed it off... and WOW! Instant results!

Let me tell you, out of all the peels I own, this peel gave me the most results from a single use - especially in just four minutes!

My skin glowed, my pores looked better, my skin felt firmer, and my skin was velvety smooth. Normally my skin will feel smoother and have a glow after an at-home peel/mask, but that's usually where the instant results stop.

I tested it out for just 1 minute on my husband and he has instant results too! His skin was glowing, his pores looked better, and his skin was super smooth. He looks vibrant and awake afterwards, when before his skin looked a bit tired. So really you don't need to leave the peel on for more than a minute to get great results, but if you have the full three minutes I say to go for it.

Here is my before, during & after from today using this:

[I know you can't really see a huge difference in pics, but believe me, in person there is a noticeable difference.]

You can pick up Philosophy's Microdelivery One-Minute Purifying Enzyme Peel at Sephora.com for $40, or pick it up with a 16 fl oz Purity Cleanser at QVC.com for $60 (which I actually just purchased last night when it was at a one-time only value of just $49.50 fo both and on two easy pays! I love this peel too much to not have a back-up!).

Do you own this peel? If so, thoughts? If not, I highly suggest you pick it up!


  1. I just purchased this peel and a clarisonic mia2 and was wondering how long do you wait to use your clarisonic after this peel?

  2. @ Anonymous: I use my Clarisonic (when I actually use it; it's been awhile) morning and night to cleanse my face. If I do a peel, it's always after I've cleansed my face so you could do your cleanser with the Clarisonic, then do your peels/masks you want and you're fine until nighttime when you cleanse your face again. I know some people only like to use the Clarisonic at night or every other day, so it will all depend on your skin. But me personally, I used it twice a day or at least once a day.


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