April 25, 2011

NOTD: Golden Rose Paris Holographic polish in #102 - Silver

Hello, Beautiful!

Finally a sunny day where I can wear a holographic polish. I swear, there has been so many rainy and cloudy days and I miss my sparkly, eye-catching holo's! But today the sun has been shining non-stop so I decided to do a holo manicure.

Not too long ago I purchased about 20 some holo polishes from Golden Rose Cosmetics. I swatched them and fell in love. They were beautiful holos - not too in-your-face holo, but still beautiful!

This is one of the Paris Holographic colors - which to me looked the same as the regular holo polishes they have, except you get more.


I was going to do more holo mani's today, all shades from Golden Rose, but then the wasps came out and I had to go back inside. I am NOT a bug person or an outdoors person. Not. At. All. I love sitting outside, but the minute bee's and wasps start to circle me I am inside. Sure I could keep doing holo mani's inside and take photos outside, but I have a bunch of things to do today since my son's 6th birthday is tomorrow! Yay!

I have to bake cupcakes to bring into his class, and bake him a cake, plus wrap his presents. I can't believe my baby is turning six! I thought by now I would have given him a brother or a sister, but sadly, no. Hopefully he'll get the brother and sister he's been asking for. Like I said, one of my goals is to be pregnant within the next year - fertility treatments or natural. I don't care what has to happen. But for now, I will continue to spoil my son and make his life the best it can be!

Tonight is manicure and pedicure night for him... yes, he loves it! He always says "mom, this is so relaxing", haha. I feel bad because his future wife (or husband) is going to hate me for spoiling him this way. Hopefully he'll find someone that can spoil him the same way :)

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  1. Thanks for the swatches! Found them through google search - appreciate the work!


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