April 20, 2011

MASH Nail Art Stamping Plates: Review and pics of 25 plates - including showing all designs stamped!

Hello, Beautiful!

I recently received the MASH Nail Art Stamping plates (a set of 25 for $9.99 on Amazon). They're sold out at the present time, but I highly suggest you pick up this set the next time they come in stock.

These plates are really great quality for being just $0.40 per plate!

They stamp beautifully, even with non-stamping polish (I used Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri polish for the sample pics).

I'm not going to post all the pics here on the blog, but you can check them out on the new ValentineKisses.com where I have 25 MASH stamping plates listed - showing each plate and then a paper with each design from each plate stamped out. I really should have used a better polish for this purpose, but it's done now. You'll still get a good idea of the design -- and keep in mind the designs look better on the nail than on paper (since paper soaks up some of the polish and the designs don't look as crisp).

CLICK HERE to see all the MASH stamping plates.

In addition to the MASH plates, I added a nail art stamping photo tutorial. Click here to check that out.

I'm going to add more stamping plates and their designs soon (all the ones from the Born Pretty Store... well, most of them). I don't own any Konad plates, so I can't compare MASH or the Born Pretty Store plates to them, but I can say that the MASH plates were far better than the Born Pretty Store plates. Then again, I did see that the Born Pretty Store now has round plates (they were the hexagon shaped plates) and they look very similar. I ordered some, so I'll have to see if they're the same quality once I receive them.



  1. I have recently received this set of MASH nail art stamping kit, and I must say i am EXTREMELY disappointed. So far, I have gotten horrible results with the scraper and the transferer. the scraper does not remove the excess and when i try to see if the transferer will work, it just smears it everywhere... Should I use a different kind of nail polish?

  2. @ Anonymous: I've never gotten a MASH stamper/scraper, so I can't comment on that. But what I can suggest is that you don't use any scraper designed for stamping; they almost never work. What works best is an old credit card/gift card/store card (the hard plastic type). That's what I use and I have no issues removing the excess polish. I would give that a try first and hopefully that will correct any issues you are having. The type of polish you use can also effect the stamping results greatly; some just won't work and it's a lot of trial and error. One coater polishes work best. Sheer or glitter polishes don't tend to work well. Metallic polish also almost always work really well (unless they are really thin). I really hope you can find a good balance of scraper and polish so you can have fun using all the great stamping plates! :)

  3. Are they the same as these plates MASH is offering on their site?


    Also what do you think about MASH in general?

  4. @ Kate: That set looks like their newer set, which I also have. It includes some of the same plates and some newer ones as well. I like the MASH plates a lot - affordable and they work.


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