July 24, 2014

Mehron Barrier Spray - pics & review

Hello, Beautiful!

Do you love setting sprays as much as I do? Or maybe you're just getting into them for the first try or two. I love makeup setting sprays, but find the good ones to be expensive (and even some expensive ones aren't that good). I have yet to find an affordable makeup setting spray that works - that is, until now! In this post I will share with you my review on the Mehron Barrier Spray! This spray is multi-purpose and I'll explain how I use it in my review below.

Mehron Barrier Spray
(This product is clear, but the pink background makes it appear pink.)

Mehron Barrier Spray Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $8.95 (1 fl oz full size)...$10.95 (2 fl oz full size)...$20.95 (9 fl oz full size). Available on the Mehron website, on the Camera Ready Cosmetics website, and everywhere else Mehron is sold (costume shops and some beauty supply stores will carry this brand). CLICK HERE to locate a store near you.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Product Info...

Mehron Barrier Spray was developed as an under base for 3-D Gelatin appliances to increase durability. But, Barrier Spray is a "wonder spray" that also works to insulate sensitive skin from harsh adhesives, to set and preserve makeup, and also can be used under makeup to stop sweat!

It's a makeup sealer for all types of makeup applications - for the everyday woman to the fully body painted model. From stage to the catwalk, on camera, under heavy lights and everyday wear, Barrier Spray keeps your makeup looking perfect and fresh all day!

Barrier Spray is a clear, alcohol-based, cosmetic grade film that is designed to create a barrier between the skin and the makeup. When applied to clean, dry skin it reduces sweating from behind the makeup and provides protection from allergic reactions to makeup, latex and adhesives like spirit gum.

To Use: Hold the pump bottle at least 14 inches from the skin. Three sprays across the face is enough. Repeat if wanted, but not needed.

My Review...

I am in LOVE with the Mehron Barrier Spray! This is the ultimate in setting sprays, especially for these hot summer months! Not only is this great to use as a final step to set makeup, but I love using it before makeup to help prevent sweating and in turn, help prevent my makeup from melting off.

I will admit that I hate the sprayer; it sprays out too harshly - especially if you are anywhere near your face. They say to hold it 14 inches away for a reason; listen to that instruction. You could transfer this into another bottle with a sprayer that you prefer, if you find that you also don't like the way this liquid sprays out on your face. I did test it out in another bottle with a different sprayer (using an old mini Urban Decay All Nighter bottle) and I enjoyed the application process more.

It's really easy to over do it with this setting spray because of habit from using other setting sprays (which I sometimes liberally apply). You don't need to over do it with this product. Three sprays is enough. You can repeat if you want (after it's fully dry), but it's not necessary. I don't find that big of a difference repeating the process or just the three sprays - so stick with three so you don't waste extra product.

When you spray it, I suggest holding your hand up and above your head, and tilting your head back. Then spray three times, letting the setting spray fall onto your face. Please, KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED! This is an alcohol based setting spray and if you have sensitive eyes it can burn. I always keep my eyes closed for any setting spray.

It does have a kind of strong alcohol scent, but that goes away completely after it is dry.

When it first applies it does feel a bit wet, and as it dries you will feel your skin kind of tighten. If you touch your skin it may feel sticky for a minute until it's fully dry. Once it's dry you will notice prolonged makeup wear and your makeup will look better and stay in place for longer.

If you want the ultimate stay-put routine with this product, then you'll want to use it before your makeup (to help prevent sweating and to protect your skin from the makeup), and then as a last step.

Also, with some setting sprays you can layer products on top of them without any issues. I find that with this product it creates such a good seal on your makeup that if you try to apply another liquid or cream on top, it may kind of disturb the makeup in a weird way. I don't find that problem with powders though.

You could use this as an eyeshadow transformer, the way you would use MAC Fix+, but honestly that's not what the intended use is for and I would not recommend it for that use since this is an alcohol based setting spray.

Overall, this is an amazing makeup setting spray that actually works! If you haven't tried this you need to go out and buy this. I don't say that about many products but this is one I highly recommend. I know that some places sell this for as low as $5.99 for the 1oz (and you'll still get plenty in that 1oz size), so go for it! I don't think you'll be disappointed! I know as soon as I'm out of the 2 oz size I'll be purchasing the 9 oz size for sure!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this setting spray? Have you tried this or is this on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. This review just made me buy it. I'm an oily girl and with a light hand I plan to use this before and after makeup application and can't wait to see how that goes. Typically I wash my face, tone, put on a little oil-free moisturizer, color-correctors/concealers, set under-eye concealer w/ powder, apply foundation, set foundation with a matte powder. Now after the oil-free moisturizer I'll add the spray and continue with my other steps and then finish with the spray. I also have setting sprays by L'Oreal, Skindavania (oil control formula) and NYX (matte formula). Would it be too much to use one of those before applying the Mehron barrier spray once more to finish?

  2. @EC DC: I don't think you need more than one setting spray; it likely will be over kill and may even effect how well each one works -- but it's certainly worth experimenting with and seeing results. Maybe try to cover half your face with something and only spraying multiple setting sprays on one side and just use the Mehron all over and see which side wears better, if at all.Then you'll have your answer :)
    So many skin products are so subjective to each person, so it's very possible it could work for you or also very possible it won't add any additional help. Best part is you can test it out and see :)

  3. Truly appreciate your insight....I get so oily some days. I will do a little testing and see which works but of course always keep a light hand with the sprays. I've read around that the Mehron is pretty heavy duty and I don't want it to be so matte it makes the makeup crack/flake. Thanks!


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