July 2, 2014

Horror Block - The FIRST box, June 2014! (from Nerd Block) Monthly Subscription Service for Horror Addicts!

Hello, Beautiful!

I know this is a beauty blog, but I want to take a moment to post about my new non-beauty subscription service: Horror Block, which is a horror themed monthly subscription service from Nerd Block. If you don't know already, I'm a HUGE horror movie fan. I have a full horror movie themed tattoo sleeve on my right arm -- CLICK HERE to see the pic/video on Instagram -- I watch horror movies almost every single day, I have a horror themed wall in my kitchen -- CLICK HERE to see that pic on Instagram -- I go to horror conventions, etc. It's just my thang, ya'll.

So when I saw that Nerd Block was offering a subscription service specifically for the horror lovers like myself, I jumped on it! I already get my son Nerd Block Jr., which is great for kids ages 6 to 11 (and my son is 9). And up until now the only subscription services I have for myself are all beauty related. This certainly is a splurge at $19.99 a month, plus $9.50 shipping (so yes, just about $30 a month), but you get a t-shirt in your size (you pick your gender & size when you sign up, and change it anytime in case you lose or gain weight) and 4 to 6 horror themed items. But to me, it's worth it to get a fun horror themed surprise every month.... at least I hoped it would be worth it.

To sign up, CLICK HERE (there is no referral code or link; it just goes straight to their website) or copy & paste their website: www.nerdblock.com/horror
Horror Block Boxes ship on the 25th of each month.

So is it worth it? Well, check out what I got in the very first Horror Block box...

June 2014 Horror Block Box

How it arrives:



The Included Info Card:

Shipment Quick Stats:
  • Value of this month's Horror Block Box: $52.95 to $57.95 (value is approximate --- see the bottom for more of an explanation)
  • Total # of Items Received: 5 items, plus the t-shirt

Now I'll talk about each product...

POP! Vinyl - The Walking Dead: Bicyle Girl

  • MY THOUGHTS: I love the POP! Vinyl figures for horror, and The Walking Dead is a great show. I think there were four different figures you could get in your Horror Block, and I was hoping for this one because it would look best on my horror wall (and it does look great there!)
  • VALUE: $9.00

Funko Horry Classics Vinyl Mystery Mini Figure: Captain Spalding

  • MY THOUGHTS: I collect these little Funko Horror Classic Vinyl Figures, and so far, I have gotten the same one (Ghostface) every single time. I was really hoping for anyone but Ghostface and I was really happy to open my box and see Captain Spalding!! He's one of my favorites and is now sitting nicely on my horror wall!
  • VALUE: $6.00

Bloody Red Soap

  • MY THOUGHTS: This was the worst item in the entire box, and really a slap in the face considering this was their first box. I could see if they had included this as the 6th item or as a bonus for the first box, but as part of the box.... really? This is the type of thing you can find in the gag/joke area of dollar stores and places like Five Below for roughly $1 to $2. I had my son try it out just for fun - since that's what it's for (would NEVER use this as an actual soap - it smells horrible), and not even 10 seconds in and it was done and over because there is a round red thing on the bottom of the soap that creates the "blood" and it fell out and down the drain. For a few brief nano seconds, his hands had some red on them but other than that it went directly in the trash can.
  • VALUE: $1.00 to $2.00 depending where you shop

Playful Gorilla Horror Icons

  • MY THOUGHTS: I like these stickers because you can put them on things like your phone or laptop and they easily peel back off with no sticky residue. Plus, they are super cute for horror characters! I actually have a trash can that I put a bunch of horror vinyls and stickers on, so that's where these are going! Love them!
  • VALUE: $12.00 (I couldn't find this specific pack online - but similar ones (Star Wars) were $12).

Rue Morgue Magazine: Issue 146 - July 2014

  • MY THOUGHTS: I feel a bit left out, but I had never heard of Rue Morgue. Looking at their website, it says they are the WORLD'S #1 Horror Magazine. Well okay then! Looks like Horror Block has partnered up with them, so I'm wondering if every month we'll be getting this. Honestly it's cool and all, but I would much rather have this be a bonus item or the 6th item. Not one of the items every single month. I personally don't see the value in this as much as maybe someone who already enjoys this magazine. ALTHOUGH, I will say the subscription to their magazine is kind of crazy priced.... for one year it's $74.95 and you only get 11 issues (not even a full 12). A 6 month subscription is $59.70! And then if you want a two year subscription - again, not even 24 issues, just 22 - it's $134.95. Renewal rates are ever so slightly lower.
  • VALUE: $9.95

T-Shirt: One, two, Freddy's Coming For You

  • MY THOUGHTS: I actually like this shirt. I know these shirts will likely all be crew neck tops, but I'd really love if the womens tshirts were v-necks.... thats okay though because I'll make mine a v-neck anyway! The fit is nice and I'm looking forward to collecting tee's from Horror Block!
  • VALUE: $15.00 ?? I'm not sure, but I'm going to guess around $15 to $20 -- for value adding purposes, I'll go with $15

My Thoughts On The Entire Box...
  • VALUE: The value was approximately $52.95 to $57.95 -- it was really hard to determine a value on most of the items, including the shirt (which I valued at $15 to $20).
  • USAGE: I love the t-shirt and will wear that. Love the POP! The Walking Dead vinyl and the Funko Mystery Mini Figure - they're both already up on my horror wall. I also liked the stickers - great quality, really cute horror art and they've already been put to use. The magazine was just okay -- it's cool, but not really something I'd be interested in every month (if I were interested in it, I'd sign up for a subscription). And the Bloody Red Soap was just the worst item ever. I guess we'll get those kind of things though, filler items and such.
  • FINAL THOUGHTS: Let me start by saying that these ship around the 25th of each month, and by the time it gets to me it's the next month already, so calling this my June box seems odd. To me, this should be the July box. But I digress. Seeing as how this was the first box, I was hoping for something truly spectacular for those of us that got in on this (I believe there were only 500 subscriptions open for June). I kind of expected the full sch-bang, getting the full 6 items plus a t-shirt, but that wasn't the case. Regardless, do I think I still got a good box --- yes. Do I think I got a good value -- eh, yes. I mean, I have to consider the almost $10 in shipping I pay for this box... so for $30 I do think it's a good value, just not amazing. The T-Shirt, POP! Vinyl, Funko Mini Figure and the Stickers were probably the only items I would have bought on their own, and they add up to about $42 (again, can't really determine the value on the t-shirt), so I'm still saving money if I had bought these separately. Just like any other subscription service, I'll give this a few months to see how the service is. I do wish they had a referral code, so people can possibly get a discount on future boxes (as these are pricey - shipping alone is half the cost of the box).

Let me know what you think...
Do you receive a Nerd Block Horror Block Box? If so, what did you think of your box? And if not, is this a subscription service that you'd sign up for?

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