March 15, 2014

Morgan Taylor - Glam Rock Winter Collection - all 6 shades: pics, swatches, review!

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Morgan Taylor is one of my all time favorite nail polish brands. The formula goes on really nicely, they're shiny, and the color selection is gorgeous. Their Glam Rock Winter Collection is no exception; with six gorgeous shades, all of which I have to share with you in this post. This is a limited edition collection, and yes, even though spring is right around the corner, these shades could easily be worked into your mani's before it's no-jacket weather. Check out all the product info, along with my full review, after the pics!

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer
Glam Rock Winter Collection
Shades: Better In Leather, Polished Up Punk, Little Misfit, Pretty Wild, Studs and Stilettos, Rebel With A Cause
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Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer
Glam Rock Winter Collection
Shade: Better In Leather

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer
Glam Rock Winter Collection
Shade: Polished Up Punk

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer
Glam Rock Winter Collection
Shade: Little Misfit

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer
Glam Rock Winter Collection
Shade: Pretty Wild

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer
Glam Rock Winter Collection
Shade: Studs and Stilettos

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer
Glam Rock Winter Collection
Shade: Rebel With A Cause

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer Glam Rock Winter Collection Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $8.50 per bottle (0.5 fl oz full size). Available at professional beauty supply stores and salons nationwide. Check out all the shades on the Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer website
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses

Product Info...

Spring is still weeks away, but don't worry - the new limited edition Morgan Taylor Glam Rock Winter Collection just arrived to help add some sparkle to your dreary winter blues! "The Glam Rock capsule collection is made for the girl who's a bit edgy and very chic", says Taylor Daniel, of Morgan Taylor. The six new limited edition shades are perfectly amped-up hues to help break through some of that anti-winter gloom!

The six limited edition shades, along with their shade descriptions, are:
  • Better In Leather: black with silver glitter
  • Pretty Wild: lavender greige creme
  • Polished Up Punk: navy creme
  • Studs and Stilettos: gunmetal glitter
  • Little Misfit: lavender and aqua duo-chrome
  • Rebel With A Cause: deep burgundy pearl

My Review...

I know spring is right around the corner... I can almost see it, but there are still weeks of cold weather - at least where I'm at. I know at this point a lot of people may be over winter - and trust me, I'm over it too. But I'm not the type of person who buys polish only for the season. Sure, I love seasonal type of shades, but I'll buy any shade at any time throughout the year if I like it (and wear it whenever I want too).

I really love the shades in the collection -- even Rebel With A Cause, and I'm not usually a burgundy nail gal, but this burgundy pulls more purple with a duo-chrome like effect that makes it really beautiful. It's also nice and opaque - you'll likely need just one coat!

My favorite shade of the group is Little Misfit. This gorgeous duo-chrome shade is very eye catching in the bottle, and my photos probably don't do it any justice. It's another one of those "oil-slick rainbow" shades, as I call them - love it! It's pretty sheer on its own, but layered over a darker shade - such as Polished Up Punk, or just a black creme, it really comes to life!

My next favorite is Pretty Wild - which can easily go into spring. Sure it's not pastel purple, but it's a nice neutral purple that is really flattering and that perfect medium between pastel purple and gray. This is another polish that could be a one-coater!

The shade Polished Up Punk is a navy shade with a cream finish - and I have plenty in my polish collection very similar, but because I love the Morgan Taylor polish formula, I don't mind having this navy blue polish in my collection! This is another polish that could be a one-coater!

And of course I love the two glitter shades: Better In Leather and Studs and Stilettos. They look pretty similar in the bottle with the exception that Better In Leather has larger glitter. But on the nail, and in swatches, you can see the difference between the two. Better In Leather could be a one-coat polish, but I find it looks best with two coats and top coat - but you certainly could do just one coat. The shade Studs and Stilettos needs two coats for sure to really look its best.

Of course I already LOVE the Morgan Taylor polish formula and would HIGHLY recommend you try some out. It's one of my favorite polish formulas I've ever tried - and this is coming from someone with over 2,500 polishes in her collection (although I recently sold some, and I'm purging even more... so it may be closer to 2,000... still, that's a LOT of polish to compare it to).

I've reviewed other shades of Morgan Taylor polishes on my blog before, which I'll link below in case you are interested...

Final Thoughts...

If you haven't tried the Morgan Taylor polish line yet, then I recommend you try a few. If this collection isn't for you, no worries - they have a range of really gorgeous shades and their website has great swatches of their shade selection.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this polish collection? Which shade is your favorite? Have you tried this brand of polish or is this brand on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. I haven't tried this collection as it's pretty hard for me to get MTs in the first place. But Rebel With A Cause looks GORGEOUS!! :)

  2. I love when collections feature different kinds of nail polish finishes. This collection is very glam rock and has a very classic winter vibe, I would say Studs and Stilettos is the most unique shade and I would love to wear it even with spring coming :)


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