March 23, 2014

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow - 13 more shades! pics, swatches, review!

Hello, Beautiful!

A little over a week ago I reviewed 10 shades of eyeshadow from Madison Street Beauty... and I fell in love! I pretty much immediately went back to the website and ordered more shades - especially because they were 60% off and just $2.00 each for the regular size (which is the size I bought). This time around I stuck with a lot of neutrals but honestly, I'd buy every single shade if I had the money to! Again, I want to stress that these are SO MUCH PRETTIER in person than what the photos show. They are very sparkly and gorgeous (they have matte shades too  - but I love me some shimmer)! Check out all the product info, along with my full review, after the pics of these 13 shades. And CLICK HERE if you want to see my review with loads of pics & swatches of the previous 10 shades I reviewed.

At the time I wrote this post, these shadows are still on sale!!!

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shades: Champagne Truffle, Champagne, Silk Taupe, Iced Latte, Cacao, Ganache, Chocolate Fondue, Cinnamon Sugar, Bond Girl, Bronze Shimmer, Fairy Tale, Tan Beige, Copper
Continue scrolling down to see more pics of each individual shade.

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Champagne Truffle

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Champagne

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Silk Taupe

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Iced Latte

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Cacao

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Ganache

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Chocolate Fondue

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Cinnamon Sugar

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Bond Girl

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Bronze Shimmer

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Fairy Tale

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Tan Beige

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow
Shade: Copper

Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $4.99 for the Regular size (1 g/0.035 oz) or $8.99 for the Large size (2.5 g/0.088 oz). I have the Regular size. Available on the Madison Street Beauty website and on their Etsy Shop
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

Product Info...

Each mineral eye shadow is highly pigmented, resists creasing and blends easily with a silky feel. All Madison Street Beauty eye shadow colors are formulated with natural ingredients. They don't test on animals and they offer a large collection of vegan cosmetics.

Each come shrink wrapped in 10 gram jars with a sealed sifter inside. The amount of mineral powder in the jar is based on weight, not volume. Some of the minerals are light and some are much heavier, so you may find that the level of powder in a jar may differ by a large amount visually. They make a point to over-fill jars so you'll find that many items are filled with more powder than specified and all items have the correct amount of powder inside or more.

There are a bunch of colors to choose from - I think close to 200, if not more!

I will list the shades I have in this post, along with their description from the Madison Street Beauty website:

My Review...

I won't go into an in depth review, because I already wrote up a review on the first 10 shades I tried, and my opinion is the same (love em). CLICK HERE for that post. But I will review and talk about each shade I have in this post...

Final Thoughts...

I really like the Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadows and would recommend them even at regular price, but currently their sale is insane and you'd be crazy not to snatch some up at just $2.00 each for the regular size (which is the size I have) - plus shipping is really affordable too (it was $2.99 for my order). Love em and would recommend!!!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these shadows? Which shade is your favorite? Have you tried these or are they on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.

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