March 3, 2014

Ellis Faas Concealer - 3 shades: S202, S203, S204 - swatches, before & after, pics, review!

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I have a review coming up on the Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation Pen (which I have in three shades). But I thought I would start with the Ellis Faas Concealer first, which is what I have to share with you in this post, also in three shades. This is a really great, natural looking concealer that offers good coverage. Check out all the product info below, along with my full review, after the pics!

Ellis Faas Concealer
Shades: S202, S203, S204
Continue scrolling down to see more pics of each individual shade.

Ellis Faas Concealer Before & After
I used shade 202 for this Before & After

Ellis Faas Concealer
Shade: S202

Ellis Faas Concealer
Shade: S203

Ellis Faas Concealer
Shade: S204

Ellis Faas Concealer Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $40.00 (0.08 oz full size). Available on the Ellis Faas website, at Sephora, on the Dermstore website, on the website, and everywhere else Ellis Faas is sold.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

The Ellis Faas Concealer has a polished finish, with a formulation that offers high coverage to reduce the appearance of blemishes, pigmentation spots and dark circles. With a unique blend of ingredients such as Karite oil and rice wax, Ellis Faas Concealer immediately blends into the skin for a flawless finish. Vitamins E and C in the formula hydrate and have anti-aging and regenerating properties.

Recommend for all skin types. Paraben-free. No synthetic fragrances. No triclosan. No scent. No animal testing.

The secret to seamless concealer coverage lies in its relation to the foundation color: darker skin demands more contrast between concealer and foundation, while lighter skin requires foundation and concealer that are more similar in color. Paired with the Ellis Faas Skin Veil foundation, the Ellis Faas Concealer accomodates theses dramatic differences in the requirements of different skin tones. Watch the instructional video on the Ellis Faas website.

Currently available in 8 shades, which I'll list below along with their descriptions from the Ellis Faas website and Sephora's website (if Sephora's description is any different).
  • S201 - Light/Fair - for porcelain skin with a neutral undertone.
  • S202 - Fair - for caucasian skin with a neutral undertone. Fair/Light skin with neutral undertones.
  • S203 - Fair/Medium - for caucasian skin with a neutral undertone. Light/Medium skin with neutral undertones.
  • S204 - Medium - for light olive skin with a yellow undertone. Light/Medium olive skin with yellow undertones.
  • S205 - Medium/Tan - for Mediterranean or Asian skin with a pink undertone. Medium/Tan skin with pink undertones.
  • S206 - Tan - for dark Asian skin with a yellow undertone. Tan skin with yellow undertones.
  • S207 - Medium/Dark - for dark skin with a yellow undertone.
  • S208 - Dark - for dark skin with a neutral undertone.

First I'll talk about the packaging/applicator...

As with all Ellis Faas products, it comes in a silver bullet-like pen. This is a twist-up concealer (you'll twist the bottom and the product will come out the top). It has a built-in brush applicator, which works well to apply the product. I did have some issues with the concealer coming out of one of my pens a couple of times, but otherwise no issues with it. It seemed to resolve itself.

Next let's talk about shade selection...

I have three shades: S202, S203, and S204. For my before & after pic I used shade S202, because I like a slightly lighter tone for under my eyes to help brighten/highlight. Shade S203 works well for my blemishes and other hyper pigmentation, and is a much better shade match for my actual skintone. Shade S204 is just too dark for me right now, but may work as a spot concealer in the summer when I get some color on me. I may even want to get shade S201 to really brighten up under my eyes.

Now let's talk about the coverage, the way it looks on the skin and wear...

I was really impressed with the coverage of this concealer because it looks practically undetectable on the skin! It's also a thinner, liquid concealer formula - although not runny, it still has some density to it, but not so much like a cream or potted concealer would be. Typically thinner concealers don't offer much coverage, but this one does. It looks amazing on the skin - very skin-like and covers gorgeously. 

I was so impressed with how it flawlessly blended into my skin; it just melted right in with little effort! I applied with the brush tip applicator and then blended out with my fingertips. You could also blend out with another brush or a Beauty Blender type of sponge. I personally find tapping it in and blending with my fingertips works best for getting maximum coverage, but I also like using a Beauty Blender too.

There was no creasing with this concealer under my eyes, which is great. I don't find it all that super long lasting, but it's hard to say if my concealer wears off as the day goes on or if my dark circles get darker because I'm tired (I've had the WORST sleep schedule lately and have been really stressed out).

On its own, it does a decent job at covering up under eye circles - which you can see in the before and after. I have no issues wearing it on its own and being happy with the look. But it's not the best at covering very dark circles. This is something I would use on top of a corrective tone concealer for under the eyes - which I think everyone with dark circles should do anyway. If you apply a more pinky/salmon colored concealer it will help cover the darkness (purple or blue) and then you can apply this concealer (a more skintone shade) on top to really make everything flawless. Because the Ellis Faas Concealer shade selection is lacking a more corrective tone I don't think this is necessarily the best for very dark circles, but it certainly will cover them up a good amount!

You can see in my Before & After picture just how well it works. I also posted a pic on Instagram showing my eyes with and without concealer - click here to see that pic (and follow ValentineKissesBeauty on Instagram if you want to see even more swatches, reviews and pics). You can really see in that Instagram photo (which was taken with a cell phone; sorry for the photo quality) just how well it covered up my dark circles and brightened up my eye area. I could layer the concealer if I wanted to, but I find if I use a corrective concealer first (for my undereye area) and then this concealer, then I'm good to go.

As far as covering blemishes, I think it depends on what kind of blemish you're trying to cover. I know that may not make sense to everyone but those of us with acne know what I mean. Certain blemishes don't allow any liquid or cream concealer to really stick to it, and you'll need a powder concealer (or very thick cream concealer) to work, but this will work for covering the redness from blemishes and possibly, again depending on the type, cover the blemish completely. For some of my extra crazy skin break outs I still use a powder concealer on top as a final step to my face, but I do that a lot with almost any concealer because I want that added insurance and a completely flawless look. It does a nice job though at covering hyper pigmentation.

It is a high price point for so little product, but this is a luxury brand product so that's to be expected. It's also very skin-like in appearance, which makes it less detectable and more natural looking. If you're fine with the price point then I'd say for sure you should give this one a try. 

Overall, I was happy with this concealer due to how well it covered yet how skin-like it appeared. Would recommend if you want to try a luxury concealer that will look like your skin!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this concealer? Have you tried this or is this on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.

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