March 4, 2014

Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadows - 8 shades - pics, swatches, review

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I love trying out new-to-me brands, and I recently got to try the Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadows. They are available in full size and also sample jars. I have two full size cream shadows and six sample jar cream shadows to share with you in this post. The darker shades are great for liner too. Check out all the product info below, along with my full review, after the pics!

Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadow
Shades: Ivory Sparkle, Bronze, Daylily, Nutmeg, Black Shimmer, Silverbelle, Amethyst, Larkspur Blue
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Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadow
Shade: Ivory Sparkle

Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadow
Shade: Bronze

Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadow
Shade: Daylily

Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadow
Shade: Nutmeg

Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadow
Shade: Black Shimmer

Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadow
Shade: Silverbelle

Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadow
Shade: Amethyst

Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadow
Shade: Larkspur Blue

Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Cream Shadow Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $20.00 for a full size and $5.00 for a sample jar. Available on the Zosimos Botanicals website.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Product Info...

Their cream shadows give full coverage and are long lasting. Spread some color over the eyelid with your finger and you're good to go! Great for layering and blending with loose powder shadows as well. Check out their Cream Shadow Color Chart to compare all the shades they offer.

Currently available in 17 shades; I have 8 of those shades to share with you in this post. Two of them are full sized and six are their sample sized jars, which they call minipots. All their cream shadows are vegan, with the exception of one shade - Rose Gold (which is not vegan due to the Carmine in the pigment blend).

Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, handcrafted, non-toxic, made with certified organic ingredients and made in the USA by an indie woman-owned company.

Here is a list of the 17 shades they currently offer, and their shade descriptions of each shade:
  • Amethyst - dark dusky plum with blue undertones
  • Aquamarine - dark blue-green
  • Avocado - light yellow green
  • Black Shimmer - black with lustre mixed in which adds depth and drama - more sophisticated than being over the top glittery
  • Branch - deep dark brown
  • Bronze - metallic light brown
  • Daylily - shimmery medium peach
  • Fool's Gold - medium golden shimmer for dramatic evening looks
  • Ivory Sparkle - muted cream with gilded undertones, a great neutral
  • Larkspur Blue - lustrous dark indigo
  • Mauve Hilite - dusky rose shade with a lustrous glow
  • Natural Black - matte jet black
  • Nutmeg - rosy taupe
  • Rose Gold - a dusky rose color with golden tones throughout -- NOT vegan due to the Carmine in the pigment blend
  • Shamrock - a warm pine green with a yellow undertone
  • Silverbelle - medium gray with shimmer
  • White Hilite - white with low lustre
The full sized cream shadows come in a square compact that has a window on the top to easily see the color. You get 3.1 ml of product in the full size - at least according to the sticker on the back of the product, but their website says 5 ml of product.

The sample jars come in a mini bag and include an applicator/extractor. Five of the six samples had a wooden spatula type product, and one had a mini sponge-tipped applicator. You can see both in one of the photos above. They do not list an exact product amount that you receive and I actually found the amount in each sample jar varied - but one thing I did think was you got a lot of product for a sample jar.

My Review...

I was really excited to try these out, and couldn't wait to swatch them. I started my swatch session with the shade Ivory Sparkle and was immediately let down. It was really hard to get any color pay-off, wasn't very creamy, and was hard to get a swatch at all. I had to really dig into the product and even then it was hard to work with. I thought to myself, "oh no, these may suck", but then I continued my swatch session with the next shade - Bronze - and wow, what a difference! It was like night and day between the two. Bronze was very creamy and pigmented, completely different from Ivory Sparkle. Then I continued my swatch session with the sample jars and each of them were also very creamy and pigmented, so that's when I realized my Ivory Sparkle must have been dried out - so I do apologize if the swatch of that shade isn't very good; I did the best I could with it, but I honestly don't think I'll be able to ever use it because it's too dried out and hard to work with. But the color did look pretty in person when swatched (it's just hard to see in the photos).

Let me get into the shades, what they describe them as, how I describe them, and what I thought of each of them...

Ivory Sparkle - I've already talked about Ivory Sparkle above, but I'll say a few more thoughts about it. They describe this shade as a "muted cream with gilded undertone, a great neutral". My description is a nice warm champagne. It was pretty in person when I did get a swatch but very hard to get a good photo of it. Although for a shade name with "Sparkle" in it, I didn't find it sparkly - at least not sparkly like a true glitter-aholic like myself tends to like.

Bronze - they describe this as a "lustrous metallic light brown". To me, this was a more caramel colored bronze; more on the orange side and not super metallic, but still very pretty - as well as creamy and pigmented.

Daylily - they describe this as a "shimmery medium peach", and I find that to be pretty accurate. A great neutral shade; very creamy and pigmented.

Nutmeg - they describe this as a "rosy taupe". I can definitely see where they get that description, but I find it leans more towards a brown taupe than a rose shade. I don't know if this sample was more new or what, but this shade swatched very wet and took longer to dry down compared to the other shades. Still very creamy and pigmented.

Black Shimmer - they describe this as a "black with lustre mixed in which adds depth and drama -- more sophisticated than being over the top glittery". I found this to be a super deep, rich black tone with very little shimmer. I guess it has a sheen to it, but not a sparkle. Either way I loved this one! Yes, I wish it was a bit more shimmery, but I like shimmer and glitter in eye products. Still, this was a very pigmented, creamy and deep black shade that would also make a great liner!

Silverbelle - they describe this as a "medium gray with shimmer". I find this to be a great metallic charcoal gray shade. Really pretty, creamy and pigmented. I love grays, so this was an instant like!

Amethyst - they describe this as a "dark dusky plum with blue undertones". I would describe it as a deep eggplant purple. It's very pigmented and creamy - would also make a great liner!

Larkspur Blue - they describe this as a "lustrous dark indigo". I would describe it as just that - a deep, rich navy blue. Like a deep blue ink pen - leans almost black if you don't look closely enough. This would make a gorgeous liner shade - would really brighten the whites of your eyes and would flatter any eye color!

My favorites are Black Shimmer, Silverbelle, and Larkspur Blue. The darker shades are amazingly pigmented and creamy - so much so that I would definitely recommend them as eyeliners too. The full sizes are nice to own, but the sample jars are a great way to try them out at only $5 each and you still get a good amount of product to use. I think the sample jars also make great cream liners jars!

Nothing on their website is listed about these being crease-proof, water-proof or water-resistant, HOWEVER, they are water resistant and I'd go as far to stay waterproof (but don't go swimming and then yell at me if they don't last, haha). They are oil-based, so use an oil-based makeup remover to remove them the easiest. I find that with a shadow primer on first they don't crease and are fairly long lasting. I don't usually have problems with creasing, so even without a primer I didn't have any issues. They make great shadow bases too for your powder shadows to go on top, and even your glitters.

At $20, the full sized cream shadows are a bit on the pricey side, but these are also vegan - and vegan products normally cost more. I do worry how fast they may dry out, or maybe the packaging is to blame, due to the Ivory Sparkle shade I had that was dried out and hard to use. I still love the little sample jars - it allows you to try four shades for the price of one full sized, and the samples will last you a good length of time.

I definitely recommend trying out the sample jars first to see what you like best and then invest in the full sizes of your favorites! They're very creamy and pigmented - especially the deeper, darker shades - and they apply beautifully!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these cream shadows? Which shades are your favorite? Have you tried them or are they now on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.

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