November 13, 2013

New items added to blog sale!!! Check it out now - hundreds of items (lots of nail polish too)

Hello, Beautiful!

I just updated my blog sale with hundreds of items - including a bunch of nail polish, as I'm finally selling off a bunch of my polish from my massive 2,200+ collection. For right now, I'm just getting rid of a few brands but will get rid of more as I feel I'm able to let go, lol.

Please keep in mind that due to how the last update to my blog sale went I will no longer be able to hold items or wait on payment. Please do not email me with a list of what you want unless you'll be ready to pay within 24 hours. All the rules and how it works is listed on my blog sale page at the top, so please read them over before you email me with what you want. 

The newest added items are at the top of each category on the page. Click the link below to visit the blog sale! I'll be able to start replying to blog sale emails early tomorrow morning (Thursday morning) - just incase you email me tonight and don't receive a reply. I'll respond to emails in the order they come in! 

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  1. I messaged u via email from tina143x. Thank u!


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