November 12, 2013

BFTE Cosmetics - Mineral Eye Shadow - 17 more shades!! pics, swatches, review

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Back in August 2012 I posted a review on the BFTE Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadows, there were 14 shades in that post. In this post I have 17 more shades of their amazing, gorgeous shadows! I have three full sized jars and the other 14 shades are sample jars. Sample jars are just $2 each and full size jars are $6.50. If you're not sure about a shade but want to try it, the sample jar is a great option and you still get a good amount of product to use and play with -- plus, they're not in those messy-to-use sample baggies. Check out my full review of these shades, along with all the product info, after the pics!

Oh and a heads up, they have a special going on where you will get 12 samples for only $5 - the only catch is they are discontinued shades, but still - $5 for something that would normally cost $24, um YES! CLICK HERE if you're interested in that deal.

BFTE Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow
Shades: Waiting On My Prince, Blackberry Sorbet, Aphrodite, Bat Wing, Crystal, Addicted, Melon, Peacock, Cat Eye, Vamp, Emerald, Nani, Lavish, Okul, Titan, Lotus, Lava Momma
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BFTE Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $2.00 for the sample jar and $6.50 for the full size jar. Available on the BFTE Cosmetics website.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

BFTE Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow are easy to use, easy to blend, and richly pigmented. They have great wear, especially over a primer or when applied wet. Currently available in hundreds of shades with different finishes.

As mentioned above, full size jars are $6.50 each - which is a great affordable price. Sample jars are just $2 each and they even sell sample kits (8 pc for $14 - or 16 pc for $29 - which will save you a few dollars).

Based on my original review of these mineral eye shadows (from back in August 2012), you probably already know I love these shadows - and my opinion hasn't changed. These shadows are great to work with, available in gorgeous shades, and nicely pigmented.

I'll just get into the 17 shades featured in this post, describe them and let you know what my favorites are. I have three full size jars (Peacock, Cat Eye, Vamp) and the rest are sample jars.

  • Waiting On My Prince - a light lavender with a sheen; a bit sheer on its own
  • Blackberry Sorbet - a plum lavender shimmer
  • Aphrodite - a blue based purple with pink shimmer; a bit sheer on its own
  • Bat Wing - a gorgeous chocolate brown shimmer - part of their Halloween 2011 collection
  • Crystal - a white silver satin shimmer
  • Addicted - a very pigmented metallic red
  • Melon - a pinky peach coral with a slight sheen to it; a bit sheer on its own
  • Peacock - a gorgeous teal with a golden/green shimmer - this shade really comes to life over primer
  • Cat Eye - a forest/olive green satin with a slight golden undertone
  • Vamp - a super pigmented copper-gold red with copper shimmer
  • Emerald - a pretty emerald green shimmer; sheer on its own - best over primer (becomes more metallic over primer)
  • Nani - a gorgeous seafoam/minty green shimmer
  • Lavish - a yellow based lime green with a sheen; sheer on its own - best over primer
  • Okul - a yellow with hardly any sheen but not really a matte; sheer on its own, best over primer - it's one of their pro colors
  • Titan - a pretty teal blue with slight shimmer
  • Lotus - a gorgeous flamingo pink coral shimmer with golden shimmer - this is a pro color
  • Lava Momma - a fuchsia hot pink with an iridescent sheen 

Out of these 17 shades, my top favorites are Bat Wing, Lotus, Nani, Peacock, and Blackberry Sorbet. There are still plenty of shades from the BFTE Cosmetics line of shadows that I want to try, and as soon as I can I plan to buy a bunch of sample jars!

Would recommend these shadows!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these shadows? Which shades are your favorite? Have you tried them or are they on your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. THIS is why I love your Blog - you have fantastic swatch posts!

  2. Some beautiful shades! I think I want Vamp, I always want anything with that name lol


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