November 5, 2013

Anokha Skin Care - Red Sandalwood & Neem Clarifying Facial Masque - pics, swatches, review

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If you have acne-prone skin, even just monthly hormonal breakouts - then you have to check out this amazing mask from Anokha Skin Care. Their Red Sandalwood & Neem Clarifying Masque is a miracle worker for my skin, clearing my blemishes quickly and effectively, while making my skin feel super clean and firm. Check out my full review, including all the product info, after the pics!

Anokha Skin Care
Red Sandalwood & Neem Clarifying Masque

Anokha Skin Care Red Sandalwood & Neem Clarifying Masque Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $30.00 (3.5 oz full size). Available on the Anokha Skin Care website, on the Dermstore website, and everywhere else Anokha Skin Care is sold.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

The Red Sandalwood & Neem Clarifying Masque combines several highly anti-septic ingredients: neem, turmeric, tulsi, red sandalwood, and rose petal powder. Turmeric also contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents, and sandalwood decreases inflammation while moisturizing.

Apply this mask to your face (and neck, if you want) and leave on for at least 10 minutes and up to 20 minutes. Then rinse off and follow with the rest of your skincare routine. Use once a week.

I use this mask for 20 minutes each time I have tried it, even though their website says 10 minutes - but the packaging says 20. I tend to do other things while masks are on my face and lost track of time anyway, so I don't mind waiting the full 20 minutes (and honestly I've left this on for probably an hour once because I got so busy and forgot I had a mask on).

I don't like the smell of this mask - it's very earthy - and when you first apply it the smell is kind of strong - sort of like when you open a bag of coffee and the smell is most strong and then it kind of settles down and you don't smell it as much. That's kind of the way the scent of this mask works. I can smell it less and less as it sits on my face and I don't really mind the scent too much to the point where I wouldn't use this mask - it's certainly tolerable and you may even like the scent. And the more I use the mask the more I'm ok with the scent but I guess you can say you can really smell the ingredients, lol. Anyhow - scents don't matter, what matters if how it works!

The texture of this mask if very thick, paste/mud-like, but smoothes onto skin easily. You don't need to use a lot to get it on your face. If you have acne prone skin like me then a mask like this is a really good and easy option to incorporate into your skin care routine. Also great for those that have hormonal break outs once a month.

This mask washes off very easily and leaves your skin feeling very clean and firmer. I feel like my pores get really cleaned out when I use this mask and any break outs I am having seem to shrink after just one use of this mask. I was really impressed with how well this masks works. It really helps clear my break outs and heal them faster, while preventing new breakouts from forming. If I notice my acne starting to flare up I'll use this and it seems to calm everything down, very quickly. I've even used this as an overnight spot treatment on the really big breakouts and it is very effective at calming them down by morning.

I think this mask is totally worth the $30 price tag; a little goes a long way - the mask is thick but you don't need a thick layer and that means it will last awhile. It's also extremely effective at healing acne and helping to keep your skin breakout-free. I was truly impressed with this mask from the first use and would very much recommend this - especially to those with acne-prone skin!

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  1. I have just added this to my beauty wishlist this Holiday season, thanks to your thorough review. I am currently addicted to Lush facial masks in The Sacred Truth and Brazened Honey. As much as I love them, I think they are too pricey considering that it has just about a month of shelf life so I will give this a try. I love earthy and gourmand scents so I truly believe that I'm going to enjoy this very much. Thanks for the recommendation :)

  2. @ Jenny: Yeah that's the reason I don't get into Lush because of the very short shelf life and there are no Lush stores around me anyway, so I'm less inclined to order online when I'd want to smell things in person. But really though, this Anokha Skincare mask is amazing for my acne. One of the best I've tried for acne, and I've tried A LOT over the years. It's not super cheap, but if it works I'll pay the price!

  3. I would love to have one of those products! They all seem to be great for any skin issues, would definitely love to try those and its worth with the good essence of sandalwood. Excited :)

  4. I would love to have one of those products. It seems to be a miracle for any skin issues, would love to try those especially with an essence of sandal wood ideal for any skin type :) Excited!


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