November 18, 2013

Pure Style Girlfriends Smooth'em Adhesive Nipple Concealers & Stay Put Double Sided Fashion Tape - pics, reviews

Hello, Beautiful!

Last month I shared with you the Pure Style Girlfriends Camiflage - which solve a problem of too much cleavage. Their line is full of great solutions to some common fashion issues us women face, and in this post I have two more products from Pure Style Girlfriends that could potentially solve another fashion issue for you. Their Smooth'em Adhesive Nipple Concealers and their Stay Put Double Sided Fashion Tape. Check out my full review on each, including all the product info, after each set of pics!

Pure Style Girlfriends
Smooth'em Adhesive Nipple Concealers


Pure Style Girlfriends Smooth 'em Adhesive Nipple Concealers Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $16.99 per pair. Available on the Pure Style Girlfriends website, at Bare Necessities, on Amazon, and everywhere else Pure Style Girlfriends is sold.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Need some extra coverage front and center? We're talking nipples here...

From an itsy bitsy string bikini to a revealing halter dress, Pure Style Girlfriends has you covered in all the right places.

With a special tapered design, Smooth'ems reusable silicone discs gently adhere to keep nipples under control and in contour with your breasts, while creating a completely seamless silhouette. So take control of that pesky "high beam" feeling and be confident yet comfortable (especially in those must-be-bra-free garments)!.

Water-proof and sweat-proof, Smooth'ems are ideal under your favorite swimsuit! Because when the high beams are on, it's hard not to look! LOL!

I got the adhesive Smooth'ems but they also sell a non-adhesive option - which cost more. I know the non-adhesive option comes in Nude or Mocha, but the adhesive option only shows it in Nude - which works for me but if you have dark skin you may prefer the Mocha choice.

These worked PERFECTLY for me. They taper out beautifully so they are virtually undetectable under anything. Great for tops with no bra or if you want to wear a non-lined/non-padded bra but hate the nipples popping out then these are perfect.

They stay in place and are comfortable to wear. For me, they are a real solution to a common issue and allow me to wear more of my clothing options, as I often skip certain tops because I feel like I need to wear a bra and now I have a solution for the nipple issue.

When you're doing using them you can just rinse them off with cool water (and use a mild soap, if needed) and let them air dry adhesive-side up. Then you can store them on their original backing.

Would recommend! Go for the adhesive if you want to use them without a bra or in cases like wearing a swimsuit. The non-adhesive would be best for use in a bra - for bras that are non-lined/non-padded.

Pure Style Girlfriends
Stay Put Double Sided Fashion Tape


Pure Style Girlfriends Stay Put Double Sided Fashion Tape Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $11.99 (per pack). Available on the Pure Style Girlfriends website, at HSN (only sold in a two pack for $19.99), at Bare Necessities, on Amazon, and everywhere else Pure Style Girlfriends is sold.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

Need to steer clear of a fashion faux pas?

Invisible. Reliable. Comfortable. Whether it's a satin cami that's just a smidge too loose at the bust, wrap skirts that move with the breeze, or delicate sleeves that slip off the shoulders, Stay Put Double Sided Fashion Tape will help keep everything in the right place!

The medical grade adhesive is water-proof and sweat-proof so it holds tight through a late night dance party or a play date with the waves - just peel and stick for the ultimate fashion fix-it!

Before you apply these, make sure you skin is clean and dry. It's important that you don't apply to recently moisturized skin or it may not stick as well. For maximum stick, do not move tape after placement.

Aside from keeping cleavage baring tops in place, you can also help to hold up a strapless dress, instantly hem your jeans, keep your scarves in place, keep your bikini from slipping around, and even help to keep some necklaces in place (just cut it up into smaller pieces that you could help to have your necklace stay put and from slipping around).

Each tube of Pure Style Girlfriends Stay Put Double Sided Fashion Tape comes with 36 strips. You can cut the strips if you don't feel like you need the full length, which would give you more use from one tube.

They work well and solve multiple clothing and fashion accessory placement issues. These are a must-have to keep around. You may not use them all the time, but they sure do come in handy and I'd recommend these!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these two products? Have you tried either of them or do you think either of them will be on your beauty/fashion wish list? Would they solve a fashion problem for you? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. I like the double sided tape, I need some new tape since I lost the tape I already had

  2. Oh how I wish I would have had some of this double sided tape in my younger years! I have not bought many, many tops because I get this gap in between buttons or had to buy them in a larger size so I felt they fit me better - being a bigger chested girl sometime really sucks! It's definitely something I'm interested in buying not only to help with that problem, but to also help keep other tops I like to wear, where they are supposed to stay, instead of riding up and making me self-conscious of my appearance. Thank you for reviewing this product!

  3. I haven't heard/ neither had tried using nipple concealers. They look interesting to use specially if you're wearing a loose fabric clothing. That's an interesting post.


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