May 16, 2013

Winners of my Streekers Giveaway!

Hello, Beautiful!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been super busy. On Mother's Day I spent another 6 or 7 hours at the tattoo shop adding to my right arm sleeve (horror movie themed), then I have been spending days and days trying to recover from this tooth pain issue (which actually sent me to the ER one night - turns out it's pretty bad and I'll have some surgery coming up to deal with that). And of course I've barely been home because that's how my life has been. Anyways, I'm home all day today so I'm working on posts and such. Don't forget to check out my blog sale going on right now; new items added recently!

Onto the giveaway winners....

Thank you to everyone who entered my Streekers Giveaway! Three of you won a bottle of Streekers in your color choice!

And the winners are....

Shing M.
Krystal C.
Casandra M.

Congrats again to the winners! They've all be emailed and if they don't reply back new winners will be selected.

Stay tuned for even more giveaways coming soon!!


  1. I had to have dental surgery (wisdom teeth removal/dental implant) about 10 years ago, and my face blew up like a darn Garbage Pail kid!! Lol, I hope that doesn't happen to you and that you have a speedy recovery. Ooh and can you post a pic of your horror-themed tat? That sounds really awesome!! :)

  2. @ Lesley: I'm going to have to have a tooth extracted and implant put in! Not looking forward to it, but it was bound to happen. And yes, I plan to make a tattoo post soon :)


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