May 31, 2013

Just reduced almost all prices in my blog sale!! Take a look! Plus, giveaway updates

Hello, Beautiful!

I just reduced prices on almost everything in my blog sale! CLICK HERE to check that out now.

NOTE: If you recently emailed me about the blog sale (before I updated it with reduced prices) I haven't been able to respond, so please go back and look at the new updated list of what's available and prices (as prices have changed - almost all were lowered).

ALSO: Right now (May 31) all my emails are coming in, but I can't reply to any of them; they are just sitting in my outbox. Been like this for going on 2 days now. I should have it fixed by tonight, but I can't be certain. For now, if you do email me about the blog sale I may not be able to reply until my email is back to working. Update: EMAIL ALL FIXED! I will respond to people within the next 24 to 48 hours. I'm prepping for my yard sale right now so a bit busy but just wanted to update you all that email is working and I can respond!

As always, my blog sale is only open to those in the United States (sorry international ladies), I only ship using USPS Priority Mail (shipping prices start at $5 & go up from there), and payments must be made through PayPal. Full blog sale info is listed on the blog sale page.

I did remove the shoes from my blog sale for the time being. I am having a garage/yard sale this weekend and will be putting them out there. I may also do a flea market next weekend. Whatever doesn't sell between those two weekends will go up on my blog sale, which will include shoes, clothes, accessories, jewelry, and more! May have some more beauty items to add at that time as well.


Today (May 31, 2013) is the last day to enter my Rimmel Giveaway. If you haven't already entered, or want to earn any bonus entries, CLICK HERE to enter.

There are still a couple more days to enter my Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Giveaway - which ends this Sunday, June 2, 2013. CLICK HERE to enter.

More giveaways are coming, so please stay tuned for those!


  1. more giveaways for international readers also i hope :D

  2. @ Cj Escuadro: Yes, there will be so stay tuned for those. I just don't always have the money to afford international shipping. Sometimes a company also asks me to host a giveaway and they set the rules on where they ship the prize to and most of the time it's only USA for those. But I do try to include everyone whenever possible!


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