August 2, 2014

Mirabella Pearls & Pastels Collection: Eyeshadow Pigment in Refreshment, Colour Luxe Lip Gloss in Minted, & Cheeky Blush in Girly - pics, swatches, reviews

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Mirabella has come out with a cute new collection called Pearls & Pastels. This collection features three shades of Cheeky Blush - I have the shade Girly - an Eyeshadow Pigment in the shade Refreshment, and a Colour Luxe Lip Gloss in the shade Minted.

I have to say, I'm kind of obsessed with the lip gloss because it has a mint chocolate scent - yum! The pigment is a pretty shade with versatility, and the blush gives you a gorgeous finish (matte yet with a radiance - but not shimmer or glitter!).

Continue reading to see product info and my review on each product!

Mirabella Pearls & Pastels Collection
Products/Shades: Eyeshadow Pigment in Refreshment, Colour Luxe Lip Gloss in Minted, Cheeky Blush in Girly
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Mirabella Eyeshadow Pigment
Shade: Refreshment




Mirabella Eyeshadow Pigment Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $28.00 (0.05 oz/1.5 g full size). Available on the Mirabella website.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Product Info...

Innovative loose powder formula contains conditioning ingredients to soften skin. Versatile pigment can be blend from icy to mint, with either a wet application for bright color with a sharper finish, or a dry application for a more pearlescent look.

Refreshment Eyeshadow Pigment offers mint green color with buildable coverage, ranging from a sheer wash to intense finish.

My Review...

Mint ins't my go-to shade of choice when it comes to eyeshadow, but I'm oddly drawn to mint shades whenever I'm out and about (I almost bought the Lorac Mint Edition Palette just for that mint shade). When you open the Mirabelle Eyeshadow Pigment in Refreshment the shade looks more teal than mint. But don't let that fool you! This loose shadow can go from a sheer, pearlescent mint to an opaque icy minty-teal shade.

Applied dry you get a pastel mint with a pearlescent sheen. It can really be blended out softly or packed on for more intensity. Applied wet and you'll get a more intense, opaque icy minty-teal shade that still has a pretty pearlescent effect.

I personally prefer to apply this dry because I'm drawn to that lighter mint shade, but I like that I have the option to go bolder - such as if I wanted to use this as a colorful liner shade.

I do think this shadow is a bit pricey for a loose pigment; I have other mint shades in my collection at a lower cost (maybe I can try and find a dupe for those that want this shade but can't afford it), but the Mirabella quality is what justifies the price. It's a very silky smooth pigment - not at all dry or chalky like some cheaper brands offer. You can really feel the difference between higher end pigments and lower cost pigments.

If you're looking for a mint shade that can go light and ethereal or bright and bold, then this is the perfect loose shadow for you!

Mirabella Colour Luxe Lip Gloss
Shade: Minted

Mirabella Colour Luxe Lip Gloss Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $26.00 (0.13 oz full size). Available on the Mirabella website.
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

Product Info...

Smooth shimmer for luxe lips. Never sticky lip gloss delivers maximum shine and dazzling three-dimensional sparkle. Mint shade applies clear with a gorgeous sparkle.

Minted Colour Luxe Lip Gloss features clear color and high-shine with iridescent and pearlescent pearls to create sparkle, as well as an indulgent chocolate mint scent and an anti-aging peptide. The formula includes Monoi de Tahiti to moisturize, Jojoba Oil to condition, and Vitamins A, C and E - along with Pomegranate Extract - to provide lips with high concentrations of antioxidants.

My Review...

When I first saw this lip gloss I had a sneaky suspicion this wouldn't have any color to it at all, despite it's minty green appearance in the tube. And I was right; it's just a clear gloss with sparkle. But the sparkle is really beautiful in this one - and you don't feel any glitter or grit on your lips.

I will say that $26 is a bit pricey for a clear gloss with sparkle, but the formula is a bit more luxe feeling than other clear glosses with sparkle that I own. The price may be a negative when it comes to purchasing this gloss - especially this particular shade. They do have their regular line of Colour Luxe Lip Glosses - available in 7 shades - if you'd rather purchase this gloss in a color version (still with sparkle).

But what I will say that I love about this particular gloss, and what I think sets it apart, is the way it smells. I'm obsessed with the scent - it has a mint chocolate scent - yummy! The scent and formula is what I feel sets this gloss apart from other clear glosses with sparkle. The scent even sets it apart from their regular line of Color Luxe Lip Glosses - which, from my understanding, have a vanilla scent (still a great scent - but I'm digging the mint chocolate).

This gloss looks great on its own, but I love topping off lipsticks with this to add a little something-something. This gloss over the Mirabella Color Vinyl Lipstick in Rosy Rouge is oh so gorgeous. And just a little side note: the Mirabella Color Vinyl Lipstick in the shade Rosy Rouge may be my first lipstick that I use up completely... between the formula and the perfect "your lips but better" shade, it's an easy go-to choice for me and one that I reach for very often.

I think this Minted gloss is a great way to instantly make your lips look glossy and sparkly in a sophisticated, gorgeous way!

Mirabella Cheeky Blush
Shade: Girly



Mirabella Cheeky Blush Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $30.00 (0.11 oz/3 g full size). Available on the Mirabella website.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

Product Info...

One minute radiance boost! Glide-on Prismatech powder provides beautiful buildable color with a weightless velvety finish. Custom designed for easy on-the-go application. Matte finish. Fine, light-diffusing particles provides a soft focus effect, making skin appear naturally smoother.

For the Pearls & Pastels Collection, the Mirabella Cheeky Blush is available in three shades:
  • Girly (pink)
  • Classy (coral)
  • Lively (fuchsia)

My Review...

This blush is in a cute little pod-like packaging. They're designed to glide on straight from the pod, but I prefer using a brush just because I feel like I have more control using a blush than straight from the product itself.

The shade I have, Girly, is a gorgeous pink shade. Even though they have a matte finish there is a radiance about it that makes it look glowly almost without any sparkle or shimmer at all. It has a really pretty, sophisticated finish to it.

There are two other shades in the collection: Classy - which is a coral shade, and Lively - which is a fuchsia shade. I think all three shades can be very wearable on anyone depending on application. Although if I were to buy another shade I'd probably go for Classy (the coral shade).

If you hate/don't like shimmer blushes but feel like matte blushes can look too flat or dull, then the Mirabella Cheeky Blush is a great option for you. No shimmer or glitter; just a gorgeous healthy looking flush!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this collection? What product from this collection do you want to try or have you tried? Discuss in the comments below.

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