August 18, 2014

Wantable Makeup Box - August 2014 - pics, swatches, mini reviews

Hello, Beautiful!

This is my August 2014 Wantable Makeup Box! Check out everything in my box below -- Spoiler Alert: I received a Tarnia Tarantino product in this month's box that I've wanted for years! Yay!

Wantable is a monthly subscription service (you can also buy a one-time box) that gives you 4 to 5 FULL SIZED beauty products every month! They also have an accessories box and an intimates box. Of course being the makeup hoarder I am, I go for the Makeup Box!

If you want to sign up for Wantable just click here or follow the link below (it's my referral link). You can sign up without subscribing, just so you have an account waiting for you in case you ever want to start your subscription or buy a one-time box. Sign-up link:

Wantable is $36 a month with free shipping (as a subscription), or you can purchase a one-time only box for $40 in case you're not sure you want to fully commit (this price applies for any of their three box options). But with their happiness guarantee, there really is no reason to not go for the subscription! If for any reason you are not happy, you can send it back for a full refund; they even include a pre-paid return label! Plus, you can skip a shipment or cancel anytime. It really is hassle-free and worry-free, so why not try it out. And they have the best customization survey where you'll Love, Like, Or Dislike products -- even down to formula type and shades -- so you'll get the most customized box possible. That means you'll never receive something you say you Dislike and you're more likely to receive products you say you Love!

August 2014 Wantable Beauty Box

Shipment Quick Stats:
  • Value of this month's Wantable Beauty Box: $101.99 (value is approximate)
  • Total # of Items Received: 4

Now I'll talk about each product...

Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cheek Palette
Shades: Feather, Parasol, Carved Rose, Candy Cameo

  • MY THOUGHTS: I've wanted this blush palette for years now; ever since I first saw it on the Sephora website. Even when I've seen Tarina Tarantino on Hautelook, I Just never purchased this palette. The fact that it was in my box this month was like winning the beauty wish list lottery! This palette is everything I thought it was and then some. Four gorgeous blush shades - all of which are matte, except for Candy Cameo which has silver sparkles in it. For sure, my favorite product in this month's box and possibly even in all the Wantable boxes in the past few months!
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $45.00

  Vincent Longo Perfect Shine Lip Gloss
Shade: Dolce

  • MY THOUGHTS: I like Vincent Longo as a brand and happy that Wantable is carrying that line - I'm still loving the Pressed Face Powder that I received in my June Wantable box. This lip gloss is a nice nude shade that leans more towards a beige nude with the slightly hint of pink, making it more wearable for me. It also has a pearl sheen, so it makes lips look more plump and shiny. It's not sticky, but it can feel gloopy on the lips if you use too much. This is a shade I could use on its own or topped over other lipstick shades.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $22.00

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil
Shade: Raven

  • MY THOUGHTS: I was a bit confused by the name of this product. It's called a Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil, which makes me want to believe it's an eyeshadow pencil - but it's thin like an eyeliner. It is very soft and creamy, so using it as an eyeliner might not work out the way it could using it as an all-over shadow. In fact, it's so soft that after just my swatching of this pencil it's already in need to be re-sharpened, meaning you likely will need to re-sharpen after every 1 to 2 uses. The shade is a black with silver sparkles, which is always a shade I can keep on hand. I haven't used it yet but I'm sure it will get some love in the future. For now, my biggest question is do I keep this in my eyeliner drawer or my shadow pencil drawer? Oh the struggle.
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $14.99

OFRA 3D Loose Shadow
Shade: Irresistable

  • MY THOUGHTS: I don't really wear this kind of pink/magenta/maroon/burgundy/reddish-pink shades on my eyes (it goes back to my horrible experience at MAC to my pre-wedding makeup trial and she tried to use a red-pink shade similar to this as a smoky liner on top and bottom lash line -- making me look like I was sick or a drug addict), so this was probably the one product in my box that I likely will never use. I also wasn't a fan of the texture. I know this is going to sound a bit weird, but I felt like this shadow had a dry texture. Some loose shadows have a smooth, creamy, or even a silky feeling. This was smooth but dry. And like I said, I'm just not a fan of the color to use on myself - even though the color itself is pretty. It has a color shift, so it will look pink, then magenta, then even a little copperish, to a bit burgundy; just depends on the lighting. It also accidentally fell off my photo table and when it hit the floor of course the product didn't break - since it's a loose shadow - but the container itself shattered inside. The outside still feels smooth to the touch, but you can see the cracks from the outside. Even though it falling was my fault, it's still a very cheap container to crack so easily when I've dropped plenty of loose shadows and not one of them had any cracks in the packaging. Maybe it's the cheap packaging that had this product already everywhere when I first opened it, even though the inside sifter was covering the product. 
  • FULL SIZE VALUE: $20.00

My Thoughts On The Entire Box...
  • VALUE: The value was approximately $101.99
  • USAGE: I have already put the Tarina Tarantino cheek palette into use, and have used the Vincent Longo gloss once or twice. The Elizabeth Mott shadow pencil/eyeliner will probably get used at some point down the road. The OFRA shadow will probably never be used. 
  • FINAL THOUGHTS: Since re-subscribing to Wantable in June, I've gotten 5 items in June's box, then 4 in July's box and now 4 in August's box. One of the reasons I originally cancelled in the first place is because when I first subscribed to Wantable I was getting between 6 and 9 items in each box! Then it got less and less to where it was only 4 items each month. I really hope that doesn't happen again. At $36 a month, I need to really like and use all the products except maybe one. Wantable is the most expensive subscription box I subscribe to and it takes a lot for me to decide if I want to keep it or not each month because it's always a gamble. Last month I wasn't thrilled, but this month I was a lot happier - mostly only because of the Tarina Tarantino cheek palette. I might skip my September box only because I have so many other subscription boxes I pay for each month (Ipsy at $10 a month, BoxyCharm at $21 a month, LipMonthly at $10 a month - even though I have a couple free boxes coming my way, so won't need to worry about that for a few months, and then my Wantable at $36 a month. Not to mention I did have a Horror Block subscription for myself - which was $30 a month with shipping, and a Nerd Block Jr. for my son, which is around $20 a month with shipping).

Let me know what you think...
Did you receive a Wantable shipment this month? If so, what are your thoughts on your box? If you don't receive a Wantable makeup box yet, click here to sign up! Discuss in the comments below.


  1. That cheek palette is definitely the most eye-catching and prettiest product in the box! <3

  2. glad you got better items than i did in this month's box. i'm thinking of cancelling my account. feels like i get the same items month after month. and i'm having the same problem as you: fewer items every couple of months. and now i'm also getting items that i was supposed to never receive. i love that this one has the customizable profile, but kind of useless if it's not followed. sorry to rant :/ is there a box subscription that is your favorite to recommend? or are you going to maybe have a comparison post? would love to know your thoughts!


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