January 7, 2015

New Blog Sale!! January 2015!

Hello, Beautiful!

I'm kicking off 2015 with an huge blog sale! It will only be open for ONE week, to possibly two weeks! More info on that below. There are TWO blog sale pages, both linked below, so make sure you check them both before you email me with your order.

!PLEASE NOTE! I've hosted many blog sales in the past and as a result had to put in place a set of rules, which are listed on each blog sale page. There is also plenty of info on this page. However, one thing I want to stress is to PLEASE include all the requested info in your order email so I can quickly and efficiently process your order. If your email does NOT have all the requested info I will skip to the next in line that does have it all. Sure, I will email you to let you know I still need info from you, but until I receive that info I will not pull the items for you and they could even be gone before you reply back. I know it may sound harsh, but it's not fair to those that did read and follow the rules. Plus, emailing back and forth just to get the requested info that should of been sent in the first place can take hours or even days; which is time I unfortunately do not have anymore. I hate to sound so strict, but from experience this is the best and quickest way to handle my blog sales.

Here are the basics:
  • USA only
  • PayPal for payment
  • Must include all requested info in your order email
  • Must be able to pay your PayPal invoice quickly (within 12 to 24 hours max!)
  • Absolutely NO further discounts
  • No holds. I reply in the order I receive emails that have all required information.

About the items:
I have been in a major de-clutter/purging mood of my entire house, including my beloved makeup/beauty collection. There are even items in this sale I thought I would never part with, especially being a makeup hoarder, but I know for my life right now it's more important I de-clutter, purge, and get a fresh start (and let's be real, I need the money too)

As with every one of my blog sales, all prices are very reasonable. I feel like this blog sale in particular has the most reasonable, and lowest blog sale prices I've ever had. I also reduced prices on all nail polish. I started with over 1,000 bottles of nail polish; I have sold many but still have plenty remaining - still a great selection and now even cheaper than before!

Shipping Note: I only ship using USPS Priority Mail. This means you may want to order enough to make shipping worth it. Ordering just one or two items will likely not be worth the shipping costs (most shipping is between $5.25 and $8.00, but it could be more). I do not charge any additional shipping fees; and in the case of flat rate shipping, I sometimes cover some of the cost (more about that on the blog sale pages). I do not charge for any packaging supplies (bubble wrap, tissue paper, tape, etc. - which add up quickly since I ship everything securely). I also do not charge any PayPal fees (that all comes out of my pocket), so please do not ask for a shipping discount or a discount on your order. 

About blog sale open/close times:
This time around the blog sale will only be open for one week, to possibly two weeks. Then I'll close it down until I have time to focus on it again. I'm starting a second part time job in just a few days and I'm unsure of what my schedule will be like this month especially. I was going to push back the blog sale, but I find that all these items are taking up a lot of space and I need to get them out of my house asap. Plus, like I mentioned above, I need the money too (hence why I got a second part time job).

I know this shorter blog sale schedule may not work for everyone out there, but just know that I will re-open the blog sale again as soon as I have a better idea of my schedule. It could re-open as soon as early February.

How will you know if the blog sale is closed? 
If you go to the blog sale tab (found at the top under my banner), you'll always know if the blog sale is open or closed. If it is closed the links will be removed and I'll put up a little notice about it closing and when it may re-open again. Please don't email me with any blog sale orders during the time the blog sale is closed. I won't be able to accommodate those requests at that time.

How will you know when the blog sale re-opens?
I will, of course, always make a blog post here to announce when the blog sale is open. I may even make a post saying the date it will open so you can check back at that time. I'll always make announcements on my Instagram too.

I don't really use my Facebook or Twitter, but I may also make an announcement there. But as long as you're following my blog or my Instagram account, you'll be tuned in to when my blog sales open/close. My Instagram is @ ValentineKissesBeauty

Thank you to everyone who is browsing and shopping my blog sale - it is MUCH appreciated!

xoxo with love & beauty, 

Crystal Valentine

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